Written by Amanda

16 Jun 2015

My husband tends to work away regularly and I was out with my friend and her husband and I got totally stoned. Trash and I decided that we would go out on the town, on our own the following weekend. We arranged to meet up and then go on from there.

As planned we met up and her hubby was with us before we went off to do our own thing. Trash and I are about the same age and similar figures. I'm blond, 5'2" tall, 34c boobs and a size 12. Trash is a little bigger in the boobs. We had a few drinks and we're both feeling quite happy. Truths husband said he'd ordered a taxi to take us to the night club and had booked 2 rooms at the Premier Inn just around the corner. The taxi arrived and off we went. I had decided to dress up and wore a low cut Libsy dress with no underwear. Trash was equally as stunning. We went up to the crowded bar and order 2 large vodka and cokes and just as I was about to pay this guy cut in and said he'd buy the drinks for us. We chatted away to him and his friend and they took us up to dance. The night wore on and the drink was taking its toll. Then came the slow smoochy numbers when the guys were able to get close up to us. My guy smelt nice and was reasonably good looking. He had pulled me close in to him and lowered his hands from my back to my arse, which I quite enjoyed. Then our lips met and we kissed. I could feel him growing between us and was pleased I could still turn a man on. He asked if we lived far and I told him we were booked into a hotel round the corner. The dance finished and we were back at the bar for more drinks. We drank for another hour and I was now almost legless. Trash wasn't as bad as me and thought it was time to go.

The guys walked us to our hotel and offered to take us upstairs. Trash and her goy got off at the first floor and I stayed on with mine to the second floor. He was now holding me up as he opened the door. He led me over to the bed pulled my dress over my head an helped me get onto the bed. Here I was totally naked in a bedroom with a stranger. He quickly took off his clothes and stood at the bottom of the bed. He asked if he could help himself and I told him to go ahead. He fingered me and got me wet, then he pushed my legs apart and got in between them, pushing his manhood against my shaven pussy. Bang he was in and I was enjoying it. I remember coming at least twice, but the rest is a bit blearly.

The following morning when I woke, he was still in bed with me. I couldn't help but get hold of his cock and started to get him hard. He was rock hard when he woke. I straddled him and sank down onto his cock and ride him like mad. I was a great feeling. I'd never planned on being unfaithful but was enjoying the thrill. We did it once before we dressed exchanged phone numbers and left.