Written by Camperman

24 May 2018

My wife died just over 6 years ago, and 2 years later I was made redundant - I had been there since I was 17 and as I was approaching my 50th birthday I thought it was a good time to retire.

We used to love to travel so I decided to buy myself a motor home and do some travelling.

I opted for one of those big, coach style motor homes, to give myself some luxury and space (it even had room for a small car in the back!). April came and I stocked it with all the essentials,then headed off to Europe, and my daughter would have the house to herself for entire trip - at least 6 months.

Several weeks into the trip I was driving through the Black Forest in German, the rain was really hammering down. I had passed a village a few miles back and was heading for a camp site about 15 miles further on, when I passed 2 girls hitchhiking - they looked soaked. I pulled up and opened the door, asking where they were heading - turned out to be the same camp site as me, but they had a tent. They climbed in, clothes were literally dripping. They introduced themselves as Maria and Sally, Maria said she was 21 and Sally was 22, Sally was the same age as my daughter - they had both decided to see Europe after Uni and before starting new jobs.

They said that they weren't getting as far as they thought getting around.

Maria was a blonde, about 5' 6, slim build and small tits with a very well spoken accent, whereas Sally was a 'buxom lass' from

'up North' as she said, with fairly large tits and a good shaped body. Sally stood about 5'8.

Due to the weather, the roads were really bad and it took about an hour later to reach the campsite, arriving just after 5, I booked in and parked up, the girls did the same and found their pitch. I wondered over to where they were about 20 minutes later, the rain hadn't stopped, to see if they were okay (must be the dad in me). The part of the field that they were to pitch in was waterlogged, but they were trying to pitch their tent, I said that its too wet and said 'look, I have plenty of room, there's spare beds in my camper, you can stay there until it dries out', they both accepted.

Back in my camper, the girls said that they wanted to get out of their wet clothes and headed off to the shower block. About 20 minutes later they came back, both wearing 'onesies' and wellies. I had to laugh. I cooked dinner and we sat their chatting, drinking and telling funny stories / jokes.

Sally said 'what's a good looking man like you doing here on his own', I told them my story and they both felt sorry for me. Then Sally whispered something to Maria (who nodded) and then said 'let's play cards'. Sally got out a pack of cards and dealt.

'What are we playing?' I asked, Sally and Maria both replied 'poker'. I said 'for what?', they replied 'if someone wins a hand, the other two has to down a shot'

By about 8, I had won some and lost some, but was 'up' in the winnings.

Maria seemed the worse for drink, then Sally said 'let's change the stakes. Lets play strip poker'

I didn't object, I was very good at poker.

Sally dealt, by 9pm I was still in my boxers, and t-shirt, Sally was sitting their in her undies and Maria was only in her kickers - her beautifully small tits were on full view with her nipples hard.

I dealt, then Sally bet her bra, Maria reluctantly bet her knickers and me my t-shirt. Sally showed - 3 nines, Maria showed - a pair of Aces and I showed - 3 sixes. Sally cheered, my t-shirt came off, then Maria stood (unsteadily) stepped out from behind the table and slowly slide her knickers to the floor revealing her shaved pussy. My cock, which was already hard, sprung up more.

Maria dealt, Sally bet her bra and knickers, I bet my boxers and Maria said she had nothing to bet with, then Sally said 'you can fuck the winner of this hand', Maria was a bit drunk but said 'okay'.

We laid our hands, I had 4 kings, Sally - a pair of queens and a pair of aces and Maria - a flush. Maria sighed with relief.

I stood and dropped my boxers, my rigid cock springing to attention - both girls gasped and said 'fucking hell, you're huge!' (Rigid I'm well over 9 inch and thick) Sally slipped out from behind the table, stood up, undid her bra and threw it at me - her lovely tits for all to see, then slowly dropped her knickers, took one step to the side, then kicked her knickers at me, her foot resting on the table showing off her lovely trimmed pussy.

Sally then said 'as I really fucking horny looking at that massive cock and we are all naked now, we can play for sex' - I wasn't going to object, there I was naked in my motor home with two completely naked 20somethings who were willing to fuck me.

Sally then said 'we each draw a card, and the highest gets to fuck first'

We each drew a card and turned it over - Sally drew a Jack, Maria drew an ace and I drew a 4!

Sally was still standing, she came over to me, straddled my legs then sat down onto my lap, pushing her massive tits against my chest and kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth. She then reached down, took hold of my cock and pushed it towards her pussy, then slowly eased herself down onto my rigid cock. After a moment, she slowly raised herself up then rammed back down, then again and again. I took hold of one of her tits and sucked the nipple till hard, then did the same to the other. Sally carried on riding my cock for several minutes, then, between pants said 'fuck, I'm cummin', I raised my hips and carried on sliding my cock into her, after several minutes I shoot my load into her young pussy. We both collapsed, with me still inside her, I stayed rigid for a long time afterwards.

After Sally got up Maria said 'my turn'. She slide along the seat and took hold of my cock and slowly started to lick and suck it back to life. After what seemed like an eternity, I was hard again. Maria sat back on the sofa, laid back, spread her legs and said 'fuck me deep'. My reborn cock found its mark, slowly pushing into the bared pussy. I pushed as deep as I could with each stroke and Maria built up to an orgasm, she came several times before I came again, this time not as much as with Sally but as hard. I collapsed into Maria when I finished, my cock shrinking.

We all sat there naked, my cum dripping from the girls pussy's and all had a drink.

About 11, the girls said that they were off to bed and wondered off to where my double bed was. We spent the night together and in the morning I woke to the sound of Sally having an orgasm as Maria fingered her.

I suggested to the girls that as they were off around Europe as well, why didn't was all travel together after all I had room and we would all be company for each other. They agreed and we spent the next few months visiting Europe during the day, and playing games in the evening -and they are more stories for you.