Written by Dirty wife

2 Jan 2019

After a long time of hinting about swapping and threesomes I had had enough so I taught my husband a lesson. I am 42 and my husband is an immature 35. I look after myself by going to the gym three times a week and my husband does nothing. I am proud of my figure and love it when men chat me up which shows I still have what it takes. My husband on the other hand is over weight and has given up on looking good. Our sex life has slowed to about twice a month which is fine by me because I have better orgasms using my hands.

However, after month of him going on and on about how his mate would love to ‘do me’ I dared him back. I dared him to sit there and watch his ‘mate’ feel my breasts and have a little suck not expecting him to take me up on it. The problem, apart from having someone else have a feel is that his ‘mate’ is 72 and the original dirty old man. To be fair, he is in better shape that my husband and not as fat and the thought of having his dirty hands touching me revolted me but I had to shut my husband up and if this was the only way then so be it, a few minutes of groping for a quiet life but it went too far.

After about three weeks of him going on about it and me agreeing to let him do it and daring my husband to arrange it he announced that his mate George was coming round for his feel. I pretended to be delighted but my husband was clearly having second thoughts telling me that I didn’t have to go through with it and it would only be a quick feel. I jokingly suggested he takes as long as he likes on the condition that he (my husband) shuts up about it once and for all.

The evening arrives and I decide to wind him up even more, instead of sitting there with my blouse and skirt I wore a dressing gown with nothing underneath. Hubby was not happy but I reminded him that this was his idea. George arrives and immediately starts with the dirty comments, the two of them laughing like schoolboys talking about sex for the first time.

I will admit to you now, I was strangely aroused, not by the sight of my husband and is dirty old man friend but that I was doing something wicked. The silk dressing gown on my naked skin was sensual and having another man, even a repulsive one, looking at me the way he did was strangely erotic.

I told them that this would only happen once and I was doing it to shut my husband up. With that I told George to sit on the sofa and my husband to sit on a chair at the other side of the room. They did as they were told. I decided to make this as erotic as possible and to tease the dirty old man before letting him have a touch, hoping that my husband would think I was enjoying it and to make him jealous therefore avoiding him going on about it again.

I stood in from of George and lowered the dressing gown slowly until it was just above my nipples which for no reason I could think of where hard and sensitive. George was breathing heavily, I asked him if he was ready for ‘his feel’ , I got a ‘fuck yes’. There was a prominent bulge in his trousers, I looked over at my husband who was clearly regretting this while thing and slid my gown down exposing my breasts. George reached up and squeeze both breasts, then he slid his hand behind my back and pulled me closer and in a flash my nipple was in his mouth and I was being gently sucked. It was strangely horny, I closed my eyes and thought of another neighbour who I would have gladly let do this. George was gentle and went from one breast to the other running his tongue round my hard nipples and sucking them in turn, squeezing one and sucking the other. I was actually turned on and I let my gown slip and unintentional stood naked in front of this old man.

In one swift move George pulled me even closer with one hand whilst his mouth was still firmly attached to my nipple. His other hand slid between my legs, his fingers deep inside me. I pulled bac but George held me tight which in itself added to the erotic nature of what was happening. I hadn’t agreed to this but George knew what he was going, his finger hitting ‘the spot’. Fuck he knew what he was doing, something my husband had failed to master.

I let him do what he wanted to me and I pretended it was someone elsle. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me down until it was wrapped around his cock which he had somehow managed to pull out without me knowing. He was hard and thick and long.

I let go but George insisted holding my hand in place whilst flicking my nipple with his tongue. I could have pulled back, his two hands were occupied, one massaging my pussy the other holding my hand on his cock. Then my knees buckled and I accidently started to slowly fall to my knees. George grabbed me and stopped me from falling, not to be chivalrous but to pull me so his lap.

His hands grabbed my backside and he pulled me close to him and down. In a second, I was straddling him and this 72-year-old dirty old man was inside me. It had been a long time since a man stretched me and I actualy enjoyed it. My husband said something but I don’t know what and George clearly didn’t care. I sat there with his cock in me, George sucking and squeezing me until I was thrown onto my back. In a moment George was back inside me and I was being fucked hard and I was amazing. What sex I have with my husband is slow and gentle and boring, 72 year old George was like an animal, he was fucking me hard and deep.

My husband called out that this wasn’t what was agreed, George told him to ‘fuck off’ and continued to fuck me. After some time he went down on me and I had my first orgasm for many years. From that moment he could do anything he wanted to me and he did. George stood up, pulled me up and shoved his thick cock into my mouth and fucked it. I remember the salty taste of his pre-cum and hoping he didn’t cum in my mouth. I pulled back and told him that I didn’t; want him to cum in my mouth so he pushed me back and entered me again. I was aroused by the roughness of it, the fact that he was holding me down and the fact that he stared and talked dirty about my bouncing breasts and that made me cum again. After some time of this I felt George cum inside me with a roar and I had my third orgasm.

I lay there, on my back, my legs open with cum seeping out, George at the end of the sofa, his dick big and limp panting, my husband in a state of shock. He looked at George and told him that he was out of order. George laughed at him and told him to ‘fuck off’ and ‘ I made her cum, she could have said no’. He then announced that he was going to fuck me again and stared to guide his cock towards me but I got up and told him no. He laughed and said that I would be back begging for more.

I haven’t begged but I have let him have me several time. He still disgusts me so I let him have me from behind over a chair or table, his old cock making me cum every time. Sex with my husband has improved and he now makes an effort. But my secret fucks will continue until I find a younger man or my husband improves enough. Until them I bend over for George and let him slide his cock into me quite often.

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