Written by Steve

26 Dec 2017

..... the work thing became a regular gig at various properties they owned and rented out. And so did the dirty sex, especially if it was a tenant Change. Jill would turn up about 10am with bacon sarnies or wotever as an excuse to be there. She loved to

Flash her nice sexy Nics and stockings and suspenders to me as much as poss so for e.g. She always went upstairs first or had a reason to bend over.... if the property was empty we would jus fuck on the carpet or I would just bend her over sliding my hand in her Nics and slip a couple of fingers in her cunt , she loved me licking her out and then kissing her so she tasted her juices. So a quick fumble and fuck ,spunk on her facs or arse and off she would go and come back about 2 for a second lot of cock she fuckin loved spunk and I wasn't gonna let her go without !! One day her old man said fancy a game of pool up the rd? I said ok, we were playing pool having a drink just like mates and then he said wot sort of bloke do you think I am ? I said I'm not sure wot you mean... he said do I look like the sort of bloke who don't know wots goin on around me? I was like oh fuck!!! I said no I don't think you are but why ask me? He said I know about you fuckin Jill ! I just said shall we go outside for this? Yeah he said I thought fuckin ell I'm gonna need to hit this cunt hard lol any way we go out side and he says it's ok it's cool it's wot we do I've been watching you fingering and fuckin and suckin on camera!!! I said you winding me up? No he wasn't , f right shall we go back to the house and just carry on like before.we get there Jill is dressed as a complete slut, short skirt tits almost popping out her top, he goes upstairs as usual (it's s big house by the way) she brings me in s drink bends over in front of me and touches her toes saying I want you to lick my arse and finger me! I got to work pretty quick lickin her and fingering her pussy she didn't last long before pushing me into a chair and sitting on my hard cock facing away from me . I could clearly see my cock sliding in and out of her lovely juicy cunt every now and again slipping out and lubing her arse I wanted to fuck her in the arse but she was playing hard to get. We ended up on the sofa her over one arm and me smashing her from behind , next thing I know Tony is in the room and fucking her mouth sayin go on show me how you fuck him you dirty bitch! That made me wanna come straight away!! I said I'm gonna spunk ! Me and Tony spunked pretty much the same time me all over her arse and him in her mouth she cleaned me and him at the same time and said thanks Boys! To be continued