2 Jun 2018

My tale has spanned many years yet recently I seem to be remembering the events and faces more and more.

I wont bog you down in details - my behaviour and attitude is often questionable, this I associate with my very strong sex drive which has never been satisfied by my wife.

I own and run a small business - I established it in the early 90s and rented part of a office which house several businesses. The office block was subleased to us all to by “The Colonel” a member of the Territorial Army.

Amongst the various businesses was an employment agency run by a blonde - I’ll call her J

J came from money - self made money that afforded her a private education and plenty of worldly experience - she and her sister were the beauties of the town and by all accounts they had a ball.

J and The Colonel were an item - me, I was a struggling startup working crazy hours and not getting the sex I needed.

The Christmas party .......... oh the Christmas party here it starts ( Like so many others I’m sure :-))

Stressed up and fuck near broke I’m invited to the Christmas party in the local pub - plenty of beer / wine J and I start drinking heavily - later I retreat to the office before going home. Who do I find slumped in her chair ............. J with her red dress hitched high up the leg. I ended up with my face nestling in her blond semi shaven pussy eating her sweet scent. We were both completely pissed.

We returned to work after Christmas, me embossed that I’d taken advantage of J. About a week passed before J came up to see me to make it clear she wanted more ....... and that’s when we switched into overdrive.

Fucking on my office floor in the dead of night after she come back from the pub.

Fucked on her boyfriends ( The Colonels ) desk - mmmmm I can still smell her now.

Lurking in the shadows of her neighbours cottage as The Colonel driving by at midnight in his car ( he was become suspicious )

Me hiding in J’s upstairs cupboard when he called in to check up on her late one night. I switched off my phone and mobile so a call wouldn’t give me away - we fucked especially hard after he’d gone.

Fucking J in her lovely stockings in the back of my car ( she always wore stockings for a car fuck )

One late afternoon coming down stairs from my office ( we were completely alone ) and sat in her reception I decided to get into her mind ( I’m pretty good at that with women ) She was standing in front of me talking sex - as I was seated and I described my attending an interview with her and wanting to make a good impression as I wanted a job - she responded - as I described my scenario she moved closer ........ our knees almost touching. It didn’t take much she hitched up her skirt and mounted me - I kept in role as she ground her gusset into my ever ready cock - somehow we pulled our underwear aside and my cock fed on her pussy - her posh accent and private education thrown aside and we fucked like animals.

Threesomes I introduced her to mms and I was surprised how she so easily slipped into be a slut.

There was a problem - she loved the booze - it was as intertwined into her life as much as her love of a good fucking and she wouldn’t throttle back. We’d met too late in life and to be honest she’d have never have looked twice at me if we’d have met earlier.

I fucked up the relationship - Stupid but that’s what happened and J wanted nothing more to do with me.

Drink finally caught up with J - her health suffered horribly and I attended her funeral with a heavy heart - I couldn’t talk to anyone about it although I’m sure several acquittances knew about us.

I’m not sure that last paragraph belongs here but I can almost hear J laugh about it.

Anyway that’s it - a super memory - thank you J