Written by Kelly

21 Sep 2009

Hi there , Kelly here , sorry its been so long since i\\\'ve written but been very busy & not much been happening up until last night. I done something i never ever thought i would do & if i\\\'m being honest i still feel quite strange about it but H begged me to write this for you all as he thinks it is & always will be my best so here goes . Last night we were feeling horny after a couple of horny afternoon sessions we decided we would go to one of our dogging spots to see if there would be any action on the cards which there was but never in the way i expected there to be. So after lying around scantily clad with my pussy dripping cum most of the day i tidied myself up , put on my fuck boots & we headed out to the car.

I done my usual while H was driving , shoving a few fingers up my tight spunky pussy then licking my fingers, i also took H`s big cock out wanking it using the juices & cum from my cunt. This got me & H really horny & ready for some really filthy dogging fun. When we parked up there was only one other car there so we sat there kissing & teasing for a short time then H said \\\"i think theres only a single guy in that car but he`s been flashing his interior light\\\". He then suggested we should go & have a wonder around near his car so we got out me strolling towards the other car feeling like a real slut dressed in my tartan mini, white blouse & my boots he must have known what we were up to as we were approaching the car he got out he was quite an attractive man & not unlike H in the looks department he introduced himself as D , H & D shook hands & then we went for a little walk into the bushes between the car park & the beach.

With both men rubbing their semi hard cocks i was bursting with excitement as i was reckoning on seeing some cock on cock action , both men turned to eachother & got their now rock hard cocks out & started wanking each other OH MY GOD my pussy just started dripping like a badly leaking tap as this sort of action just makes me so fucking horny , two good looking blokes standing there wanking the others big cock , i looked down at H\\\'s cock its the most georgeous cock iv\\\'e ever seen so i just had to get on my knees & suck it & in no time it was down my throat with my lips touching his big balls & with just being so horny i started pissing myself mmm it was feeling so good/horny & then i felt D\\\'s fingers playing with my soaking wet/pissy pussy i stopped sucking H & jumped up straight away telling him i was only going to be spectating & was not up for grabs i then turned to H & he very casually said \\\"Kelly just relax baby you cant be on your knees sucking my cock & pissing yourself as your doing it & expect him not to start playing with your cunt\\\" in an instant a wave of fright/confusion but horn washed over me & left me wondering what was coming next , H then wrapped his hands round my waste & whispered in my ear while licking it \\\"Kelly baby you are a really dirty slut & i\\\'m a dirty bastard , i think you would look so fucking hot with two cocks up you\\\".

I was totaly gobsmacked as it was never anything we had spoke about & i really have no interest in any other men but the more he whispered in my ear & held me the hornier i got for it especially when he said \\\"i\\\'ll never ever make you do anything you dont want to but i really do think you want to play the slut here & get double fucked \\\" i could not deny that i did feel aroused by the situation so agreed.

I led them back to the carpark then laid over the bonnet of D\\\'s car & started fingering my cunt telling them to start sucking cock , D got on his knees taking H`s cock all the way down his throat sucking it so hard & fast H had to tell him to stop or he was going to cum too quick , meanwhile i had 4 fingers right up my pussy really enjoying the show. H then went down on me licking my pussy but he had grabbed D & pulled him close so he could alternate between licking my pussy & sucking D`s cock then D got my tits out & started sucking my nipples OH MY FUCKING GOD ,this was so dirty & i felt so slutty just then H rubbed D`s bellend up & down my clit i was totaly away with it now & squirted over H\\\'s face bucking my thighs up as i had a really strong orgasm , i dont know if i`v ever came so hard before it was lush.

D then got a blanket out of his car & lay it on the ground i then straddled H & started fucking his brains out his cock just felt so good inside me i was grinding on it really hard & came about 4 or 5 times in what seemed like just 2 or 3 minutes i actually felt my pussy shudder every time. H then told me to stand up turn round & sit my ass on his face which i did & he lubed me up well using his tongue to spread my pussy juices round my ass & sticking his fingers up my ass to stretch me he then sat my tight butt on his big cock , i whimpered a bit at first but once i had started grinding on it & he had stretched me it just started feeling really good to the point where i was riding it like a complete slut & screaming at D to come & shove his cock deep into my pussy , what the fuck was i saying ? This was so not me but it just felt so good that i was at a point of no return & he came between my legs & rammed his cock all the way up me it felt so good having both my holes fucked , i felt so full & felt like i could easily just drift off my eyes rolling around i felt like i was drunk on sex.

H was fucking my ass so hard that it hurt but pleasureably & D was pounding my pussy equally as hard i could tell that both guys were not far off cumming so D pulled out me & i got off H , they started wanking eachother off which i was fine about as i had already came several times so i was lying back enjoying the show when they both took their own cocks in their hands so i knelt down where H was the first to shoot strings & strings of hot spunk on my face & in my mouth & seconds later D\\\'s spunk came shooting out his bellend joining h\\\'s both of them almost roaring with pleasure. I was dripping with cum but so satisfied , after both men were finished i stood up & both of them started kissing & licking my face cleaning all the spunk off , they cleaned me up then D kissed me & thanked me lifted his blanket then drove off.

H & i walked back over to our car where H bent me over the bonnet without saying anything & fucked me hard till he shot another load deep inside me we then got in car & drove off , on our way home H asked what i thought of what i\\\'d just done to which i replied \\\"it was different & i was surprised that was a fantasy of yours but although i was horny at the time but i dont know its something i will repeat\\\" he just smiled said thanks & when we got home & into bed he gave me another doing before going to sleep , it was a bit of a strange experience for me as i\\\'m not into that but thought i\\\'d let you all know , need to go as i have a busy night ahead , bye for now , Kelly . X