Written by sparxyv4

29 Dec 2010

hello again all. hope you enjoyed my last story about my first meet. again i am sorry about my spelling and grammar. we cant have it all can we. lol

ok this is about another meet i have had with a couple.

i met this couple again of the same swingers site. the where in there mid 20's and both worked in the police force. for this we will call them Mr and Mrs h.

Mr h was about 5ft 10" 28 years old short blonde hair quite a lean body.

Mrs h was 26 about 5ft 5" had long red curly hair down to below her shoulders, green eyes and wow what a body. she had 36dd big round boobs, a tiny waist and a really big round bum. the best way to describe her is a Jessica rabbit body but with bigger hips and bum.

Mrs h picked me up from the local train station near there house and on the journey home we talked about the fantasy they had both had and it was Mr h who wanted to see her with another man.

once back at the house mr h was still not there the was on his way home from work and would be back in about 15 mins. so we waited on the sofa and chat had a chat about general things until he got home.

once he was back we got on like a house on fire such a nice friendly couple. Mr h got is guitar out played a few tunes and just set the mood. then things started to move on with Mr and Mrs h kissing and he was groping her tits as i was sat next to her she was in the middle of us on the sofa.

Mr h gave me the nod to join in so i started by feeling her big boobs though her jumper and kissing her neck, then Mrs h removed her jumper and bra so we could get better action. me and Mr h began to suck on her big tits which she loved. so one thing leading to another Mr h removed his trousers as did i and i laid on my back on the sofa and Mrs h knelt over me and took my cock into her mouth, such a deep wet blow job. she was doing this for about 5 mins with Mr h watching then he wanted to fuck her so she moved up my body so that my cock was between her big boobs and so that Mr h could fuck her from behind. so while i was fucking her tits Mr h was fucking her from behind nice and slow i think he was close to cumming so took his time. the tit fuck i was getting from Mrs h was amazing and made me cum within about 10 mins, so when i was close to cumming she told me she wanted in in her mouth, so i slide up to cum in her mouth. this was the first session. after about 15 mins rest. Mrs h suggested we go up stair. on the way up stairs she said it was a fantasy for he to be fucked on the stairs.

so with Mrs h on all fours on the stairs and Mr h with his cock in her mouth i stood behind her and her bum looked amazing, nice big round cheeks with a tiny waist. i started to fuck her from behind and slowly built up the pace until i was fucking her as hard as i could the slapping of my legs on her bum was very loud and in time with her moans. we did this for about 5 mins then went up stairs to finish off. we got into the same position on the floor so that we could spit roast her. we stated of with me fucking her from behind again and Mr fucking her mouth but then after a while Mr h took his cock out of her mouth leaned over the top of her head and grabbed he waist and started to push her big round arse onto my cock. his was so horny and Mrs h was moaning like never before. banging her as hard as i could and Mr h pushing her arse back was to much for me i pulled out and cum all over Mrs h beautiful arse. she collapsed forward onto Mr h after a few mins of recovery we all got dressed and had a ciggy together. Mr h later gave me a lift home. what a fantastic time. i wish i could relive that night over and over again.

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