25 Jun 2019

My mum introduced me to one of her school friends we will call her S and she is 5ft5 size 16 shoulder length blonde hair thick plump red lips, massive 36G tits (real) and a great round bum. As soon as i saw her my cock started to throb, every thought in my head was filthy not just dirty i mean dam right filthy of what i could do to this godess stood in front of me and what made it even better was she was divorced and probably in need of some young cock and i was happy to give it her.

She added me on social media and often asked me to pop round to do the odd job for her ( fix the gate,paint the door things like that) i didnt mind as i go to see her most of the time she walked round the house in her top and knickers she knew id be looking at her (id be stupid not to) especially when she bent over to the washer or what ever and what a fucking view it was id often walk round her house with a raging hard on and think about what id do to her! Any way this one occasion i was at her house fixing her shed door she was walking round the house in her usual top and knickers and i had my normal hard on..after a while i popped up to the toilet made my way to the bottom of the stairs where she was hoovering the stairs and in my full view was her amazing round bum and i could see the slit of her pussy eating her knickers my thoughts took over and without a second thought i burried my face in her arse cheeks she jumped and asked what i was doing! I just stood there with a visible hard on and kissed her to my delight she didnt pull back just slide her tounge in my mouth and dragged me to the bedroom where she pushed me on the bed and pulled at my shorts for them to come off and reveal my raging 9 inch shaved cock she took off her top to my suprise was her massive 36E tits with no bra she stood there in her sexy silky black knickers and began to suck my cock bobbing her head up and down stroking the full length of my cock using her spit to lube my cock up telling me she has been wanting me for ages and she keeps finger fucking her self in the bath and bedroom thinking about my cock i swapped places with her putting her on the bed and spreading her thick thighs for me to get to her waiting wet pussy i kissed up her thighs and to her clit where she let out a moan and begged me to lick and taste her pussy (i didnt need telling twice) S put her hands on the back of my head and gragged me to her dripping wet cunt i lapped it up and had her juices all over my face,i licked and sucked on her clit till she let out a scream in pleasure and squirted all over my face and the bed.

I got her to bend over with her arse over the bed i knelt down and spread them arse cheeks and took a taste of that tight little arsehole i tounge fucked her arse and brought her to orgasm again! I stood behind her admiring the view in front of me a tight little arsehole and a dripping wet cunt both ready to be fucked i slid my cock into her tight pussy and she let out a loud moan it was like heaven sliding into that warm wet pussy i fucked her for all i was worth my balls slapping her clit and my thumb rubbing her arsehole i slide my thumb in and she backed up more onto it she loved it then she moaned music to my ears "FUCK MY TIGHT ARSE" i took my cock from her pussy and licked her arsehole again and got ready to fuck her my cock eased into her tight hole stretching it inch by inch till she took it all.

I started off slow till i couldnt take anymore i told her i was going to explode and she begged me to fill her arse with my cum i pumped 3 more times and let out load after load of cum into her arse and pulled out and she spread her cheeks for me to watch my cum leak from her stretched used hole she fingerd her own hole and brough her fingers to her mouth to taste what an afternoon that was we both agreed that we needed to shower and we both ended up in there together for more please comment or message me there plenty more where this came from thank you for reading

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