Written by David

29 Feb 2016

Monica arrived at my office smartly dressed and looking very professional, she offered her hand as I guided her to the chair opposite my desk, I took it in mine and immediately felt she had a firm grasp, I find it very reassuring when a woman has a firm handshake it shows she is confident in her abilities and appearance, no timid wallflower here I could tell.

We went through the preliminaries discussing previous appointments and skills and how she would fit in the office environment. While Monica spoke she looked me directly in the eyes, hers were green with hints of hazel they drew me in completely. Trying to stay professional was becoming difficult her black Jacket was undone and her blouse underneath with shear and i could easily see her Lacey bra underneath, it was also white but trimmed very nicely obviously an expensive piece of lingerie. I looked over my desk and looked along her legs trying to work out if she was wearing stockings or tights I decided she must be wearing stockings, with legs like those it would be a crime to put them in tights!

The interview came to an end all to soon i'd already decided she had the job before I watched her arse disappearing out the door.

Over the next few weeks we worked closely together she was a fast learner and in a short time soon Monica was in full control of my schedules. We'd soon learnt that our personalities fed off each other and every now and again we would say something that the other would put a double entendre to.

One day Monica was in an unusually bad mood, after speaking with her for a time she finally told me that living alone put enormous pressure on her sexually and not having a man around made things difficult for her as she had started having fantasies about the two of us together, she said she knew she could lose her job in telling me but felt she needed to say something , hoping that I might be interested in having a no strings attached sexual relationship with her. We'd had many laughs and innuendo's over the past few weeks and at first I thought this was another of those, but she was serious. "Ask me anything and I'll do it" she said.

I thought for a few minutes and then over the Skype messenger i replied. "Remove your panties and bring them to me"

Shortly afterwards a pair of red Lacey panties were delivered neatly onto my lap. She smiled and turned away closing the door behind her. My cock was growing in my trousers the perfume of the panties was intoxicating , unzipping my fly I pulled my now hard cock from my pants. I wrapped the panties around my shaft and gently started masturbating feeling the sensual material against my skin. My breathing now getting heavier and my pumping harder I realized that my orgasm was fast approaching and not having any tissues to ejaculate into my only option was to shoot my load in to the red panties, my orgasm was large and loud and the semen caked into the material. Quickly putting my cock away as the door opened and Monica walked in. She saw immediately the results of the past few minutes and smiled, "Here let me take those from you" she walk over and took the cum filled panties from my hands, bending down she placed first on foot then the other into the panties and pulled them up so that they were fitting perfectly once again. "like I said, I'll do anything for you". she left my office and went back to her own desk.

Over the next few days our conversations became more and more erotic, we kissed many times and intimately touched each other my cock straining for release, Monica told me how wet I made her. We both had commitments outside of work so meeting later was not possible other than on Thursdays when I had to work late, we arranged that she would come back into the office after everyone else had left. I sat waiting for her to return my heart beating madly my cock once again straining in my trousers. Monica came into my office, "I so want you to fuck me!" she said we tore at each others clothes soon we were both naked in my office, her body was beautiful curvaceous her breasts exquisite the nipples so large and long her waist slim and her arse just amazing, i kissed her neck and down her chest sucking and licking at her nipples they were very hard, she was grasping to reach my cock, "I want this so bad" she said as her hand grasped around my shaft. I slid a finger into her very wet pussy it was sensational her body arched as my finger went inside. Both still standing we began to masturbate the other my fingers finder her clitoris and then inside to her G spot, her hand moving expertly along my cock. She knelt down and took the end of my cock in her mouth it was incredible she sucked and licked her way along its length and then down into her mouth she pulled me onto her making her gag a little then out as she sucked in breath, her mouth wet with saliva and pre cum i pulled her up and onto my desk pushing her legs and knees up, burying my face into the smoothed shaven pussy she tasted sweet I lapped and licked deep into her pussy and then out to flick my tongue over her clitoris I pushed a finger deep inside feeling her spongy spot I could feel her respond immediately pushing down onto my finger and mouth, it didn't take long before the first orgasm came through her, she moaned "Fuck fuck" as the wave drove through her, I could taste her orgasm in my mouth again the sweetest of juices. She pulled me up "I want to fuck you in your Directors chair" she said pushing me down into the leather and kneeling over my cock, she guided me inside and began rhythmically riding up and down on my cock, "That's so fucking good Dave" she said as we fucked "you have a great cock" her pussy was tight and wet and covered my cock so completely it truly was amazing she rode me up and down I smacked her arse as she went, I could tell she enjoyed a little pain but was careful not to over do it. eventually the position needed to be changed i bent her over my desk and pushed my cock in her form behind we fucked hard and fast my own orgasm was now well and truly on its way I smacked her arse again for encouragement "Pull my hair" she groaned. I did as she requested using this to let me fuck her harder still, once again her orgasm started to flow, this caused my own to explode shooting my hot load deep inside her. as I pulled out she was quick to take my cock into her mouth to suck of our combined juices.

That was the first of many exciting experiences I have shared with Monica.