Written by Matthew

19 Jan 2018

Just thought I would tell about my naughty wife. We have been together 16 years. She stepped outside our marriage 5 years after we were married. She hides nothing from me.

She is a journalist for a sports and fitness magazine and she is also a fitness fanatic herself.

Her body is incredible and I love her arse. I do get to fuck her there sometimes and she let one other guy do her there.

Quite frankly, sliding into her arse is like heaven. She has such an amazing firm tight arse and the grip on my cock is so, so good. She usually has to be pretty drunk to let me fuck her in the arse, although I frequently finger or eat her ass. She loves me to do that. I can make her cum just by arse fucking her but she has to be drunk enough and very well lubed. I always give her pussy a good pounding and make her cum that way first.

I was surprised when she let the other guy who fucked her arse on a first date (he’s the only other one except me to do it), she definitely was not planning it. She went to interview him as he was a professional athlete who was in town giving a series of lectures. After the interview they both went to drinking of shots of Tequila. They ended back in his hotel room. He fucked her pussy for a while before he ended up in her arse. I had to go pick her up from him as she was a drunk mess and could not drive. But she did have a good time (not so much the next morning).

He was her 9th lover since we have been married. She only saw him the once because he was only visiting here. She would definitely see him again if he came back this way. He is also the only guy one timer she has had. All the others she has seen them regulars until she tires of them. Some have had big cocks, not all and others are stayers and repeaters. The main thing is they have to know how to use what they have got. I hear about it all.

I am all ok with what she does as she knows where home is and I am never left wanting.