Written by willieJ

25 Feb 2015

I moved into my flat about 9 years ago when I seperated from my wife. I met sue the first day I moved in she held the door as I staggered in with a load of boxes. Over the months we met on the stairs or by the block front door. Sue was a single mum with a son aged with my 2 early teens. One day she said next time yours boys come over let me know and I will introduce Tim (her son) to yours and see how they get on, and that was the pattern for the first year I was there. Sue is ages with me, now mid forties, then late thirties and a pretty lady always smiling. I have to say I thought she was quite attractive and had a great pair of very full tits which yes I did have a few wet dreams about giving her a titty fuck but never made a move as they say you don`t mess on your own front door as I know to my cost.

One night I had just had a bath about to get dressed when the door bell went I wrapped a towel round myself, opened the door an inch and Sue was there bottle of wine in hand I have a really crap day at work could you help me to drown my sorrows. i went and pulled on joggers and a T-shirt and by the time I got back she had found the corkscrew and had poured us a glass. I did notice she had on a very tight black jumper on which made her tits look huge, down boy I said to myself. WE sat for about an hour and were then on to the 2nd bottle putting the worlds to right when she said why did the wife and I seperate. I do not know if it was the wine that made me tell but hey ho. Well things were not going to well but what pushed me towards the divorce court was the ex came home early to find me and the next door neigbour Jean naked and she was crouched in front giving me a blow job off course all hell broke loose and that night I was out. What I did not tell the ex was for about a year I had been joining Jean and her hubby in 3sums or going with them to swinging parties. Sues face was a picture I thought I have gone to far telling her, and when she stood up I thought she is disgusted in what I told her. But no she stripped of that tight jumper pulled of her trousers and stood in her bra and pants and said well I have not had a shag for a year how do you fancy some unclomplicated sex with me. Sue stood thre those huge melon shaped tits rounded stomach shapely hips and of course Mr cock was having his say by the tent he was making inside my joggers. I so wanted just to rip of her undies and give her good hard fuck but I held back alittle taking my time. I turned her round undoing her bra pulling it of, my arms slid around her my hands cupping those great tits so much tit my hands to small to contain them. I tweeked at her nipples they were like little stones, I nuzzled her neck and back telling her how I was going to give her such a fucking and talking dirty to her. My hands slid down her stomach into her panties my hands moving up and down, she had a hairy bush bliss I love a hairy bush, I pulled her cunt lips aside and slid my fingers in gently frigging her rubbing her clit. She was moaning loudly my cock pressed hard against her back she rubbed herself against me. I pulled of my clothes she sat down pulling her panties of and stretched her legs wide her hairy bush wet with her juice. All she said was eat my cunt and I did, orgasms were rippling through her body her juices just dripping out of her. I came up for air my mouth and chin wet with her cum, now I am going to give you a nice hard ride, she wrapped her legs around my waist and fucked her hard our combined grunts of pleasure and soon I was shooting my hot spunk into her. As I softened and slid out she let out a sigh of I needed that. WE lay resting not speaking, she pushed me down onto the floor pulled my legs apart crouching between them and started to suck me. Her tongue teeth and lips giving my cock such a seeing to to my surprise I was soon hard again, she crouched over me positioning my cock and then she sank down onto it still in a crouch position and then she started to ride my cock watching my cock go in and out and those big tits swinging as she moved. Her hands came up my chest for support and she pulled on my nipples hard, it was sore but it was also a good pain. I whispered get on your knees she grinned, stood up I could see my spunk sliding down her thighs, and knelt, I got behind her plunged my cock in and I said this dog is giving this bitch a good ride. WE were so into the zone that was soon giving her another load of spunk. Again we lay quiet Sue said I bet you want to give me a titty fuck most of the guys I have been with do. I started to laugh saying I have had a few wet dreams where I did just that. We did not manage it that night but on a few other occassions we did the look on her face as I shot my load over her face said it all she enjoyed it as much as I did. We are casual about things nothing heavy I did take her to a swinging party but it was not her scene but when we came back from it she made me fuck her against the wall of our block of flats.

I have another tale to tell but it is for another time something that happened a month ago with my sons GF.