Written by zephyr

31 Mar 2014

I am now in the latter years of my life and read the storeys on here for sexual delight, not being able to rise to the event any longer - oh those were the days!!!!!

Now back to my early days . I married in the mid sixties and prior to our marriage had a very interesting time with my present wife. We would fuck at every opportunity, in the car at either of our parents home when possible, out of doors, etc. You name it we did it.

My first extra marital affair began after our first child was born. A rather attractive young lady in the office who turned out to be quite hot. She was a few years older than me and I took her home from a Christmas office do. I was invited in for a cup of tea and on leaving she pulled me into the front room. Her widowed mother was in the kitchen still preparing food for Christmas. To cut a long storey short we ended up on the armchair with her legs on my shoulder and me pumping her for all it was worth. She was lapping it up and I being in my twenties thought I was in heaven. No protection those days (this being the start of flower power in the 1960s). We both came together and I filled her up. How she did not become pregnant I do not know.

Few years later I undertook some private work for people we knew but were not classed as friends. It entailed on me calling to see them on a Friday evening. Unbeknown to me this was her hubby's night for the pub. She answered the door in her working close which included a mini skirt. We discussed our business and she decided to lie face down on the floor to look at the paperwork. Her skirt rode up almost to her knickers. She asked for some explanation to a point on the drawing and on going down along side her I gently slapped her bum. She made a mild protest so I offered to kiss it better and she lifted her skirt and dropped her underwear before I had chance to say a word. We ended up completely nude with oral, straight and anal sex. I eventually filled her bum and she then licked me clean. The following Friday was a repeat but she invited her neighbour in so I had both of them. Their husbands had both recently had the snip but unfortunately for the neighbour she ended up pregnant. She told her husband that it was his child as it could take a few weeks for him to be clear of all active cum. Thank God he believed her.

I took a new job and for years led a very sheltered life until my time of leaving. A vey respectable young lady, or so I thought, gave me a tongue in cheek kiss, We ended up with me giving her a lift home via a small wooded area where we christened the back seat. She could not wait for me to park the car before she started to undress and by the time we were parked she was in the back seat naked. She was a raving nympho - again oral, straight and eventually anal, although she had never experienced this before. I broke in her virgin bum.

This is only the early years. I will pause for now and post the latter years at another time.