Written by girlsfantasy

5 Jun 2012

this is kind of a chapter 1 in a series.... i cant disclose exactly what the plan is just yet becouse it hasnt happended yet and i so dont want to spoil the surprise. However, i have always wanted to write an erotic story (any publishers please message me!)....so i thought this is a good place to start.

myself and my husband have been having little 'adventures for a few years now...nothing hardcore, but it certainly has opened my eyes and made me a brand new liberated women. And im enjoying it!

so... to the point.... my husband has told me many times his fantasys...and i have always tried to forfilll them...but every now and again he asks me if i have any.

i answer truthfully that i havent..appart from one.

i never dreamed i would feel able to tell him..in fact its not something to tell, its something i want to do...a surprise.

so sorry for the unsexy waffle, but like i say, its chapter 1 and i have started to plan it...watch out for chapter 2!!!.... just to keep you interested while you wait ill tell you about saturday night so you can get a feel for what we get up to...

so we are in a local restaurant...i was specifically told no underwear..so the good girl (woman, wife, milf?)that i am , i oblidged.

we were eating (picking at) our meal and quaffing bubbly, but all i could think about was the fingers between my legs....

all the waiters saw, but did i care?...did i fuck.

if your a male reading this, you may or may not know that at a certain part of the female month there is ovulation......at this time, a womans body is crying out to be fucked.....this particular night i was litterally dripping..... so even if i was a shy girl...i would have done the same thing and rode his fingers and not give a toss who was watching.

and how i rode his fingers!....maybe i went to far but i was very horny and started taking pictures on my phone of his hand on my clit..(i can prove this!) i wont lie..i didnt come... only because the fire alrm went off! but i would have saved it anyway ...till i was home and lay down, all relaxed so i could really enjoy the finger ride.

i was not disapointed...we came home and fucked all over the kitchen....like a pair of teenagers, i even discovered a new position!...sitting on top fucking his hard (understatement!) cock and i moved forward and took control rubbing my wet (understatement!) and very slippy swollen clit against the top of his cock....soon i forgot all about his cock deep inside me banging all the right places....and just rubbed myself hard, fast and manically untill i came like a whore!!!....

so.... whos waiting for chapter 2 ....see how my plans are coming along for living out my one and only fantasy?....i have to be careful what i say in case he reads this!....sorry if i bored you....but i can promise once ive done it and i write it all down...it will be beatiful!

kisses Zoe x (all true, i dont need to make stuff up! lol)