Written by Julie

5 Jun 2018

I knew my husband was into his sports before we got married. But I thought when we had kids he would pair it back a bit – but no. To be fair, he did take the boys with him when they were old enough, but when they went off to Uni he carried on with his season ticket for the footy, then took up golf for the summer! With alternate Saturdays (and a midweek evening) away, I found myself a sporting widow. His team is 1.5hrs journey from our house, so he’s gone most of the day, or the entire evening. The final straw for me came just after the boys (twins) went to Uni and we had our 20th wedding anniversary, or rather, I did, hubby was at the footy. He’d take me out in the evening after the match he promised. Of course, it never materialised. He returned home pissed and promptly fell asleep. A good win for the Hammers, apparently.

Meanwhile, I work at a training venue as a receptionist. I’m in good shape, take care with my appearance and have a shapely figure, or so I’m told. I’m also sexually starved, or was! at work I get lots of attention but just batted it away, guys on training courses, away from home for a week, looking for an easy pull. But one guy was different. Mark was an engineer, retraining as a sales guy. He had a warm personality, showed a genuine interest in me, is tall, slim, smiley and black. Lovely. I also noticed that he went home after training – turns out that he lives locally. Over a 6 month period I saw quite a lot of him – he’d be on a course every 6 weeks or so. Finally he asked me out for lunch. I declined, but just as his disappointment was showing, I told him that after work would be better.

A beautiful sunny evening, we had a lovely time. we sat in a beer garden, and gradually got closer and closer. He said that he wished he was staying at the training venue so he could invite me back to his room. I told him that I wouldn’t have accepted anyway because I could get the sack for being in a delegate’s room. However, hubby is at Upton Park for the evening, so my house is free if he’d like to come back for coffee?

Within an hour we were in my spare bedroom with me impaled on his lovely black cock. I never even thought about condoms, I wanted to be fucked properly. After 20 years of being ignored I felt I deserved it. I knew I had until at least 11pm and I was going to make the most of this one off. A little younger than me, Mark had incredible staying power. We licked, sucked and fucked over and over like a couple of newlyweds. By the time he snook out of the house to his car (parked around the corner), he had left 3 lovely loads inside me. I had a celebratory bath and savoured his cum dripping out of me.

But of course, it wasn’t a one off. Mark has fucked me pretty much every week since. I look forward to the Hammers playing at home so that I can meet Mark. In the summer, hubby plays golf, I get laid. I wondered if he knew, but the few occasions where he has wanted me after Mark has been with me he just commented that I felt wet.

The irony is that Mark tells his wife that he’s playing golf (or working) and even had to buy some golf clubs, when really he’s coming over to fuck me hard.

Hubby and I have our 25th wedding anniversary soon, and I for one am looking forward to it. Mark has booked a smart hotel for us while Hubby plays golf, again!