Written by Lipspreader8

25 Jul 2009

My first black babe for the second time.

Yes I went back for seconds; this gorgeous black babe has me hooked. When I got there she greeted me and we kissed and a great cuddle, then she said to me to get undressed and she sat on the edge of the bed while I removed my clothes watching all the time. When I pulled down my white boxers, she reached out and took my cock in her hands and promptly slid her hand back and forth along its length, then proceeded to slip it into her sweet mouth. Taking about half of it in her mouth, with my hands at each side of her head holding her gently, she moved her head back and forth slipping more in with each forward movement. Then we laid on the bed in a 69 position where she took great delight in slipping more and more into her, whilst I was easing the lips of her beautiful black pussy apart to reveal a gorgeous pink slit and a tiny little hole which I immediately put my tongue into it and lapped away at her. Till I pulled away so I could look right up into her hole which I immediately slipped my finger into her and found her G spot which immediately produced a gorgeous sticky liquid as I worked away at her pussy i got more of her juices flowing onto my fingers which I licked clean, she tastes sweet as honey. Then I went back to licking her again and pulled her arse cheeks apart to look at a fantastic little chocolate starfish, which I just had to try sticking my finger into. I put my finger in her up to my first knuckle and she squirmed on my finger.

We then changed places and I lay on my back where she rolled a condom on me and slipped herself down on my length, then started to ride me expertly she rode for about five minutes, then she slipped it out of her pussy and laid on the bed and said to fuck her, she said I remember how good it felt the first time we fucked last month and I want you to fuck me again, fuck me god, fuck me.

I positioned myself above her slim petite body and she took my tool in her hand and put it at the entrance to her sweet little honey pot. With a gentle little push I slipped into her and withdrew and back in again. I put her legs round my neck and lent forward, whilst fucking her I was supporting myself on my forearms and playing with her gorgeous boobs and kissing her sweet lips.

I let her legs go down to the bed again and she hooked them round my back and linked her ankles together while I fucked her till I cum and after I had cum I carried on fucking her. Till I collapsed on top of her and kissing her again and again. This is one black ebony girl that needs to be treated with tenderness and lots of respect. Till I get to meet her again I will treasure this memory.

This a story of our second time together, by Deldick