Written by sarahlewis

6 May 2014

For those of you who have followed my secret stories you will know what led up to this, if you haven't then you have a lot of reading to do. There are a few things I need to say. Phil, I know you read this and you owe me £50 for a new nighty and don't think I will fuck your friends just becouse I fuck you!! So here goes, all I can say is OMG! my transition from quiet loving wife to complete slut is complete. Phil and Julie invited me to stay the weekend becouse hubby was going away. I was in two minds about going becouse of what happened in Florida ( My secret part one and two) but Julie made it clear that I was expected to turn up. I arrive at the house Friday evening about 4 hours late becouse I turned round several times. When I arrived Julie was serving food which we ate with just some polite conversation and becouse it was late I went to bed. I put on a shirt I like wearing to bed. About 30 min later Julie comes in wearing a white almost see through nighty. Julie has a fab figure, she is slim, flat stomach and large DD breasts which for a Girl in her late are quite firm. She sat at the side of the bed and told me how happy she and Phil where that I had come and asked if I was ok. I told her I was, with that she pulled the duvet back and climbed into bed beside me. We talked for a while and after about 5 min the door opened and Phil walked in,'I think he want to fuck you' Julie said. I swear, these two are like a double act. Phil took off his T Shirt and trousers whilst Julie unbuttoned my shirt. The sight if Phil's cock brought all the feelings from the holidays back. I went to speak but Julie just put her hand to my mouth whilst Phil pulled the duvet down. Julie moved onto the chair and whilst Phil fucked me Julie touched herself. it was so erotic I have never wanted to fuck a woman so much in my life. The next day Julie and I went out shopping and for food, when we got back around 8 ish Phil was out. 'Julie told me he had gone to pick up friends ' My toys'. I looked at her and she just laughed. When Phil came down the drive Julie grabbed my hand and we ran up stairs. 'Put on your red Nighty' she told me (more ordered me). I did as I was told and she put on her see though white one. She went back down stairs but my phone rang. It was hubby seeing if I was ok. I told him I would prefer to be home with him (guilt) but he got angry with me telling me how ungrateful I was and started shouting and then hung up. I was so mad I though this was his fault. I sat on the bed for about an hour before going down not knowing what to expect. Julie met me at the bottom of the stairs,her nighty already off. Meet Viktor and Sam (I think that was her name)Viktor was a huge thug of a man with tatoo's from his bald head to his arms. Sam was about 19 skinny, flat chested and already naked. She smiled at me and continued to suck Viktor off who could hardly speak a word of English. Julie joined her. I felt so out of my depth I went to turn round but Phil grabbed me. He made me stand in front of his 'friends' whilst He pulled my nighty down, 'look what I get to play with' he said. Viktor just grinned and said 'I fuck her too'. No way I said and told Phil that wasn't going to happen. For the next hour Phil fucked me from behind, over the chair, against the wall anyway he could think of, I just kept cuming. After we had finished I put my nighty on and went into the kitchen. Julie came to get me 'Phil wants you' Shit again!I said. She just laughed, Lay on the floor he told me and do as your told. I did as I was told as usual, Vikor has been a good boy Julie told me and your his prize. I looked at Phil and he just whispered 'please'. Viktor knelt over me his thick cock resting on my stomach. He put his hands on my breasts and squeezed before ripping my nighty in half. I can't say any more for now, I have to get my head around what happened next. Maybe one day I will tell you the rest. I could have said no to he and Sam did to me but I didn't want to.