Written by sarahlewis

3 Jun 2014

Those of you who have been reading my stories called My Secret know about Phil and me. You need to read it for this to make any sense. I promised never to see him again becouse I felt he had used me. We had sex becouse he promised to promote my husband but it turns out he was promoting him anyway. Now my husband who I adore has left to work somewhere else I thought I had got rid of him (Phil) for good but he's been texting me reminding me about Florida and the 'party'at his house. Being stupid I replied to his text when I had too much to drink telling him how much I hated him and that hubby was going away and I was going to have some me time in London, I even told him the hotel! I went away on my own and had forgotten about the text. On the second night I had another text from him,He was in the hotel. You see, He has a way of getting into your head, asking me if I still had the fantasy which involves me going to a hotel room and having my clothes ripped off and being fucked. I told him it was none of his business and for the next hour we messaged each other,him telling me he wanted me and me telling him that it was over and there was no way I was having sex with him again. The next thing I know he's telling me that he has bought me some clothes. I asked him why the hell he would do that, all he said was 'to replace the ones I want to rip off you'. He gave me his room number.

I know I was stupid to go but after a few glasses of wine I told him I would come up but it was just for me to tell him to his face to leave me alone. He sent a message saying 'if you come to my room you and your clothes are mine'. That was it, who the hell does he think he is, I stormed up to his room and hammered on the door. He opened it and I walked in pushing him out of the way. I asked him who he thought he was, He held open the door and told me I could leave whenever I wanted. I'm a married woman but like a silly little girl the thought of what we did together caused my stomach turned to jelly,he pushed me against the wall with one hand and stroked my breasts with the other. ' I slapped him and told him he was a bastard, he just asked me if I wanted to leave. My mind was saying yes but all I heard was 'no'. He actually said 'Then beg me to fuck you'.

Please don't criticise me becouse I have no explanations to why this man who I despise has such a hold on me but I actually remember saying 'please fuck me'. I could have left whenever I wanted but honestly my heart was pounding. He held me against the wall with one hand and ripped open my blouse with the other spinning me round to face the wall starting to undo my bra but in the end just pulling that off. Within seconds I was on the floor, my jeans and panties being pulled off. We didn't make it to the bed, he took his clothes off as I lay there grabbed my head and fed me his cock. He has such a thick cock its hard to get it in but he managed it, fucking my face whilst holding the back of my head and grunting like a pig. When he had had enough of that he went down on me eating my pussy. He knows exactly what to do to make me cum, and I did little tremors time and time again ! I told him that we where so close to he door someone passing may hear us. Then they can fuck you as well is all he said. He worked his way up my body sucking and licking my nipples so roughly he was like an animal. And then he slipped his thick cock into me like he had done so many times before pumping me and saying things that I don't' want to repeat, I came so hard this time I shook. For the next hour or more he had me everywhere he could think of, against the wall, bending me over a chair fucking me from behind, on a table and actually standing in the middle of the room with me impaled on his cock and yes, we actually made it to the bed. I came again and again and so did he shooting his load into me several times, the last time into my mouth. I lay there exhausted sticky from his cum and after I managed to get my strength back I went to have a shower, he followed me. Our fucking was a bit more gentle this time, whilst inside me he told me how Julie(his wife) missed me and wanted to fuck me whilst what little cum he had left trickled into me.