Written by Kate

4 Apr 2011

I often lie in bed in the morning when my husband Jack has gone to work, pleasuring myself and reliving the night that played a big part in my sexual awakening.

On the night concerned we were invited to my older sisters 50th birthday party, she certainly knows how to throw a party, no expense is ever spared and tonight was no exception, the garden was covered in a large marquee and the drinks were stacked high at the bar.

It was a warm September evening I had been to the beauty salon in the morning and had my hair done, I had decided it looked best tied up, I treated myself to a full pussy wax, as Jack my husband tends to get very randy after a party, tonight my super smooth pussy would be his treat.

I decided on sexy but comfortable and was wearing a short black cocktail dress, that didn’t require a bra, thankfully my boobs, although on the smallish side are still holding themselves up, a really small sexy black thong and my killer black stainless steel heels, I still had a lovely colour from our summer holiday and felt very pleased with my appearance.

That night started no different from any other party, we naturally started drinking and went our separate ways chatting to various people, by 11.30 I did not have a care in the world, that is when my sister introduced me to her personal fitness trainer, Jerome a gorgeous black guy with, deep dark eyes and the most confident manner, an absolute charmer.

I was shocked, she had spoken about her trainer loads of times, but never mentioned he was a gorgeous young black guy.

He bent down and gently kissed me on the cheek and made some fluttering comments about how stunning I looked and that beauty must run in the family and if I ever needed a fitness trainer to improve my already perfect physic, he would be only too happy to assist.

As I said an absolute charmer, as us women know this type of charm can be very dangerous when you have had a bit too much to drink.

In my squiffy state I was loving all the attention, I was thinking oh my god how sexy he looks, I kept repeating to myself this flirting is dangerous as I wasn’t in full possession of my senses in my alcohol induced state.

As we stood chatting, I could not help but look at his lips moving and wondering about them licking my pussy, exploring very intimate inch of it, I looked down at his cock, I could see the outline of his cock very clearly through his tight jeans, I visualised myself taking his cock in my mouth and licking around his balls, I was getting more and more lost in my fantasy when I suddenly snapped out of it as Jerome said “your empty I’ll go and get you a drink”.

He returned and handed me a very large glass of red wine, I took a couple of big gulps to get some Dutch courage and then suggested that we sat at an empty table in corner, although there was a sexual motive in my suggestion it was mainly because my heels were killing me and it would be a relieve to sit down and kick them off.

We moved over to a table with me facing to the right and out of sight of everyone and him to the left, my dress rode up a little as we sat down giving him a very good view of my thighs and I kicked my heels off.

For the next hour, another 3 large glasses of red wine, we sat making small talk, flirting and giggling and it did not take long for the subject of sex come up and Jerome told me how he loves older slim attractive women, it was pleasing as that is exactly what I consider myself to be.

I could not help myself. It just popped out how I fantasied about making love with fit young men especially black ones, he looked me directly in the eye, lent towards my ear and whispered would you like that fantasy to become reality.

He was now looking directly in my eyes and his large hands were rubbing up and down my legs, this was sending tingles through my body, as I was braless and the material of my cocktail dress was thin, it was obvious from my hardened nipples that I was now very turned on, embarrassingly I don’t think my nipples had ever been as hard.

Although I was quite squiffy I wasn’t that far gone that I had lost all my senses and I hesitated for a while, this made Jerome think that he had gone too far and he quickly removed his hand.

I was loving the attention and the feelings invading my body and with that I nervously looked around and placed his hands back on my thighs and pushed them up to my crutch, he grinned at me, and started rub between my legs, the material was very sheer and there would be no hiding the fact that I my pussy was shaven, starting softly and then pressing down harder, then he slowly pulled aside the material of my thong and teasingly traced his finger around the opening of my pussy, then he slipped a finger inside me, followed by a second and then set about intimately exploring me.

I was so turned on that I didn’t even try to stop him doing this, I was so turned on that it never occurred to me that there was over fifty people in the marquee and at any time someone could see that Jerome was doing to me under the table.

I was behaving like a slut and I didn’t care, the frill of Jerome’s stroking and then his fingers penetrating my pussy was all that was on my mind, god knows how I didn’t scream out or let my facial expression give away what was happening, I wanted to return the pleasure to Jerome and moved my hand over his crutch to his cock, I could feel the outline of his cock it was an impressive size and very hard.

I suddenly became aware of my breathing, I was actually panting like a dog and I could feel my heart pumping very hard. I was shaking a little too and had to rest my hand on my lap to stop anyone noticing. I was being toyed with this hunk, in front of a large group of people many who I know, I was enjoying every second of it.

Every part of my body wanted to take this further and let him fuck me, and I knew that I would be fucked like I had never been fucked before, with all the attention my pussy was getting I was very near to having an orgasm, something that even in my drunken state I could not allow to happen in a room full of people.

At the last minute I pulled Jerome’s hand away from me, I leant over and whispered crudely into his ear, “I want you to fuck me, I need to be fucked now.

I said there’s a garden house at the very back of the garden I’ll be there.

Now it was Jerome who was panting with a big grin on his face like a little boy. My clit was swollen and hard and I just wanted to get to the garden house and be fucked.

I gave my sexiest smile and said excuse me I need go now, I got up and swayed, I hadn’t realised how far gone I was at this stage and how very damp I was between the legs.

Jerome looked at me and said “don’t forget those sexy heels”.

I did as he asked and slipped them back on.

God only knows in my state how I got to the garden house, I went in there was that musty smell you always get in garden houses and sheds, my sister has very good taste and the garden house was as good as any room in the house, I pushed the door open and went inside and closed the door behind me.

Once inside I pushed the straps of the dress off my shoulders, it had a life of its own and slithered to the floor leaving me standing there with my boobs exposed, in my small thong and heels.

My heart raced as there was a knock on the door, I opened it and Jerome quickly entered and then closed the door behind him and locked it.

He looked at me totally gob smacked at my appearance, he was lost for words and could only mutter something about how fucking horny I looked.

Then he grabbed me and forced his mouth onto mine and I willingly responded with all the sexual want that had been building up in me.

He turned me round and his hands roamed all over my boobs, his hands started stroking and squeezing my boobs, something that always turns me on, then he started tweaking my hard erect nipples, the effect was just indescribable, I was tingling and shaking all over.

Jerome pulled me back into him and I felt his hard cock against the base of my back throbbing. He reached down and pulled up my dress and forced his hand down into my thong and straight to my clit.

He nibbled on my ear lobe and murmured “You’re so fucking wet Kate, so fucking hot and horny, you’ll just turning me on so much”.

I pulled his hand out of my crutch and looked at it. It was all glistening wet and when he opened his hands it was liked a spider’s web as my thick juices clung to his fingers. I get very wet when I’m really aroused and right now all my inhabitations had gone and I was seriously aroused more so than at any time in my life, it was just all about animal sex.

I decided wickedly to do my party piece which drives Jack wild, I took his hand and licked hungrily over his fingers, and this made him grab my face and force it around to his and rammed his tongue urgently into my mouth. He stopped and mumbled my pussy tasted great, my party piece had the desired effect.

What he did next was the most amazing turn on. He reached to the string on the left side of my hip to my thong and just snapped it and then did the same to the other side. He carefully took my thong from the front and the back and then pulled it tightly across my pussy and very slowly run it over my clit, he repeated this number of times.

God it felt so good and I was moaning quietly fearing I would be discovered which strangely was making me feel even more turned on, to my shame at this point I don’t think that I have been as wet or turned on, I didn’t think it possible that I could gush so much juice at my age.

It was a relief when Jerome stopped and dropped my now ruined thong to the floor.

I was now forced down onto the floor on my hands and knees. I was shaking all over and felt very close the climaxing there and then. Jerome then stepped back from me and I heard the sounds of trousers being pulled down and off with the inevitable stumbling as the shoes get stuck.

Now here I was a willing woman wanting and eagerly waiting for this young man to fuck me. I stayed obediently in my position like a good girl waiting to be pleasured and satisfied.

I never turned all. I felt his 2 large hands grip me tightly around the waist and then felt Jerome gently position his cock on my pussy. I felt him slid the tip of his cock up and down over my slit and clit no doubt to wet himself. He then went back to my pussy and just rammed the whole of his cock into me. I gasped at the speed and wanton lust of it.

He paused and then began to fuck me. I mean really fuck me. He banged away at me and within seconds I felt myself beginning to cum, my pussy tightened on him and I shut my mouth tight to stop myself screaming out loud which was very hard as I just love to release myself verbally when I cum but on this occasion it just wasn’t possible and this made me even more excited.

My orgasm was so intense, Jerome was well endowed and obviously very fit from his line of work, it felt so tight and I was well filled, added to that the amount of juice my pussy was producing was allowing him to easily shag the hell out of me, it was out of this world. I was just like a rag doll being pulled and pushed around.

As my climaxed subsided I came over all sensitive and tried to slow Jerome down and tried to pull away to get myself back to normal, something that I am used to with my husband, but Jerome was having none of it. He seemed to be even more excited than ever and I felt his right thumb slip into my arse and bore into me, no one had ever done this to me before and I had read about the pleasure you can get from this and my god they were right, my arousal was immediate again.

It seemed like ages, that Jerome’s cock was ramming in and out of me and his thumb fingering my arse. He pulled his thumb out and then took hold of my hips again. Now he was fucking me like a man possessed. I knew that tomorrow I would feel sore and bruised but what the hell.

I felt him change rhythm slightly and felt his cock twitch and twitch again, I know what was about to happen, there was no mention of him withdrawing, even if he asked I don’t think that I would have let him, and then he let out a stifled breath and breathed in deeply where he had been holding his breath. This was it I felt his spunk pour into my pussy, as he ejaculated in me I felt his cock strain against me and each time he released a jet of sperm, it was much warmer than my hubby’s, I still to this day think that this happened some 6 times, my pussy was awash with his spunk, this immediately triggered my second orgasm.

I fall forward onto my tummy, Jerome pulled out of me and I felt his spunk hitting the backs of my legs, and running over my clit.

I was breathless and now had an “orgasm headache” no doubt from having to hold my breath.

Jerome got up and said “That was just fantastic Kate, it’s ages since I have had such a wild fantastic fuck, I bet your just like your sister and will want to be fucked again, I have no problem obliging, but we had better get out of here and back to the party before people notice that we are both missing”.

I was absolutely shocked by his statement and watched speechlessly as he bent down picked up ruined thong and proceeded to wipe it around his cock removing the mixture of my juices and his cum from his limp cock. When he was finished he just threw it into the corner of the room.

He was right I would have loved to be fucked again, this time on my back with my legs wrapped around him and in a more gentle and loving way, I was prepared to take the risk but I didn’t want to beg him.

Jerome pulled up his trousers, kissed me and whispered that was amazing, just amazing to which I replied “so were you, now get going well chat later”.

He opened the door and quickly left, I locked the door. I was covered in spunk it was all over my thighs, my arse, it was now slowly dripping out of my pussy and onto the floor. I get so horny at seeing spunk leak and drip from me. I love the earthiness of it.

Suddenly the reality of what had just happened gave me a sense of worry, my mind raced I had just let a man I didn’t even know a few hours ago have unprotected sex with me.

I urgently looked around the place to find something to clean myself up with, luckily there was material on a shelf, I started to urgently clean myself up, my legs were now shaking with the fear of being caught out, I looked around for my discarded and destroyed thong, on spotting it I stooped down and picked it up and made it into a make shift tampon and then pushed gingerly into my very sore and tender pussy in an attempt to stop Jerome’s sperm from running out of me, I was cursing a bit about having sex with a guy that was such a “heavy cummer”.

This may appear to have lasted sometime but it didn’t, it was ten minutes at the most, it was fast urgent sex and was over in no time at all but it felt absolutely great. I tried to cool myself down, I was red in the face and my neck was even redder. I stayed a bit to calm down and fanned myself in an attempt to cool down.

Finally I put my dress back on, pulling the straps back over my shoulders and rolling it down from my waist to its original position just above my knees, I now thought well enough to return to the party, I tottered down the garden path in my heels and weakened legs and bumped into someone thankfully I didn’t know him, he knowingly asked if the garden house was now free, not knowing what to say I just nervously grinned and nodded. I was left with the thought that he may well have seen my indiscretion.

I looked around for my husband Jack, I was so pleased to see that he was still in the same place, chatting to the same group of people.

I was so lucky, I didn’t want him to come over and see me as I was an absolute mess and my appearance and scent would have made it clear to anyone that I had just been fucked, I went straight to the bathroom, discarded my makeshift tampon, had a good clean up, I must have used about half a bottle of perfume to spraying it all over my body and then I carefully placed my sodden thong inside the zipper of my handbag.

Sobering up and coming to my senses I spent the rest of the night avoiding Jerome, but I did notice him getting very cosy with my sister.

When we were about to leave I walked over to Jerome and gave him a kiss on the check and thanked him for the evening, it was dark and no one appeared to be around, so I brazenly took my damp ruined thong from my handbag and pushed them into the pocket of his trouser and whispered “keep them as a souvenir of tonight”.

Then I nearly jumped out of my skin as my husband Jack placed his hands on my shoulder and said “come on babe we need to make a move now”.

I can still remember Jerome’s cheeky grin and words “If you want more fitness instruction Katie, you can ask Susie for my number”.

There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted and needed more fitness instruction and above all there was a question that I needed to ask Susie.