Written by Rachel

5 Apr 2016

After my escapades had finished with Alf & his friends (my sexual re-awakening posted in March) I was finding it difficult to be content with just my partner Steve trying to satisfy my needs. I found that when we went out in was more flirty with other men.

When the weather warmed up the barbecue season started & as usual we would be going to them about once a fortnight. .

We were invited to his friends Pete,s which either meant sleeping over or one of us not drinking. I said I would drive back so Steve could drink.

When we arrived he had a large house with a hot tub out the back. It was mainly couples & a couple of men on their own & a few kids. I spent most of the afternoon chatting to the other women there. As the day went on a few couples left who had kids leaving 6 couples & the 2 single men. It got to about 8 in the evening & I said to Steve "I think we should go" as I wanted a drink. Pete heard what I said & replied stop the night we have plenty room. I eventually agreed & Pete poured me a large drink.

About an hour later I was stood talking to 2 men when a third came over & put his arm around me over my shoulder & rested his hand on my breast. I just carried on chatting then asked one of the men to top up my drink. The man Wayne with his arm around me was now getting a bit friendlier at me not protesting & gently started moving his hand slightly over my nipple. When the man returned with my drink he noticed what Wayne was doing & smiled then called to Pete asking if the hot tub was open. Pete replied help yourself.

Wayne then said to me you coming in, I smiled & said why not. The tub had a fence around it & a small changing area with a variety of costumes to wear. Wayne & his friends Paul & Ali said they would change first & I could follow. Ali was the only single one between us.

When they came out they jumped in the tub & told me to get changed. I stripped down to my knickers & was trying to find a top to fit me when the door opened in walked Wayne, I quickly covered my breasts so he couldn't see them but said don't worry I just need to use the toilet & went straight passed me. I carried on trying to find a top to fit, on the fifth try it found one as Wayne walked back out. He looked at me, smiled and said need a hand. Can you fasten this for me I said. He came round the back & tried but said no its too tight and quickly whipped it off exposing my breasts. His hands quickly grabbed my breasts and had a good grope. I started to ask what he was doing when he said get the blue top over there. I pulled away & picked it up & he said pass it over & he would help me. By now my nipples were hard & I was enjoying his help. He stood behind me got me in the top & fastened it. His hands grabbed my breasts again fitting them in the top. It nearly fitted but was a bit on the tight side. He then asked need a hand with the bottoms but I said no thanks. He left so I just grabbed a pair of shorts & went to get in the tub. As I climbed in Ali said shame I was hoping for something a bit skimping. I just smiled & sat between Paul &Ali & Wayne opposite me. I sat back closed my eyes and relaxed. I quickly felt Ali and Paul rubbing their legs against mine, as I didn't say anything I then felt their hands on my legs stroking my thighs then Wayne coughed & they dropped their hands as Pete asked if all was ok. I said all was good, as I turned to look at him he smiled and walked away. Their hands were quickly back & I felt Waynes foot parting my legs. As they parted Ali's hand moved up over my shorts towards my pussy, I slid down a little so his touched me, he started stroking me when I lifted my bum a little & pulled my shorts down a bit exposing my pussy to them. He quickly replaced his hand and pushed his fingers in me. I worked my pussy on him & quickly came. I stood up pulled up my shorts & said how about coming in the changing room. I climbed out & Ali followed me.

I entered the room dropping my shorts I leant over & put my hands on a bench so my bum was in the air. Ali came up behind me and pushed his cock into my pussy & started pounding me. I came again just before he filled me with his cum. He quickly went back outside so I removed my top & was about to go in the shower when Wayne walked in saying a quick one please. I resumed my position bent over & again he quickly came inside me saying sorry it was quick but his wife was still at the party. He left & I went for a shower and got dressed & went back to the party to find Steve