Written by Spud

27 Dec 2015

My wife Karen always liked her girls night out & if the girls were not going out because they didn't have the money she liked us to go for an Indian meal & a few drinks. We used to get a taxi cos the drink drive laws in the UK are strict . One night after having an Indian we called into a nice Pub & lo & behold John who is a horny a mate of mine was there with a couple of his Work mates. John always fancied my wife so a few times when she'd been drunk & asleep I'd shared her with him & she enjoyed it. 'dI let him help himself to her as I watched & stroked my cock. He'd start by sucking her tits cos I used to tell him its the best way to get her fanny wanting something in it. He'd then lick her pussy & then fuck her. The first time he fucked her was when I nipped to the Loo. I came back from the Loo & there he was fucking away at her. She must have enjoyed it cos it happened quite a few times. This particular night John was looking over at us but he didn't really want to leave his mates so he came over just to say hello & then went back to his mates. I was at the table with my back to them & she was facing them. She always wore stockings & suspenders under a shortish skirt so he'd have been ogling her hoping for a flash. Then after about an hour he came over again & asked if it was ok for him & his mates to join us. We couldn't say no, so they came over & he sat next to the wife . One mate went the other side of her & one sat next to me. He then got drinks in for us , then later one of the lads got drinks for us . Later on before the other lad got them in I said we'd had enough drink tonight. I was hoping John hadn't bragged to his mates about my wife & they had been trying to get us drunk. I had noticed a couple of times as we were sitting that John had a little stroke of her leg & I was worried incase his mates saw him do it. I wasn't bothered about him doing that but I didn't want others to know about us . My wife didn't seem bothered he had been touching her but I soon found out she thought the same as me. Then she got up to go to the Loo & when she came back she wanted to go home . I said why? & she said I'll tell you later . So I said shall we offer him a lift & she said aslong as his mates don't want to come. So I winked at him & went to the Loo. He knew I wanted to say something so he followed me. Standing at the urinal he had a horn on so I said we are going back home if you want a lift. He said OK he's had enough drink. He couldn't finish his drink fast enough . When we got outside we saw a Taxi straight away & got in it . My wife sat in the middle & straight away he put his hand on her thigh and moved it up her skirt knowing I was watching. I felt like getting my cock out to wank but the driver might have seen me. We arrived home & John strangely insisted on paying the driver. I reckoned that was to let my wife know she'll have to pay in kind. We sat in the sitting room & I went to fix some drinks & when i walked back in she was acting as though really drunk & blaming the the fresh air' . He brazenly started to open her blouse up & then pulled her tits out of her bra & started sucking a nipple. I sat and watched the show & she certainly wasn't shy that night thanks to the alcohol. I started stroking my cock as he helped himself to my wife. He lifted her skirt up & pulled her panties to the side . She lay back cos she knew what was going to happen next. He went down and started licking her cunt & she looked at me as if to say 'am I teasing you' so I gave the thumbs up. She opened her legs wider & I could hear him licking & slurping at her fanny . I knew she'd want something to suck so I went over & put it to her mouth & she sucked away at it. She was so horny that night so he was inside her shaved cunt within seconds. The trouble is I was nearly cumming so had to take it out of her mouth. . He lasted a lot longer up her that night cos he had had a canny drink & wasn't expecting a horny night with my wife. He told me that alcohol didn't give him brewers droop when he was inside my wife but it did when he was inside his wife. As soon as he he shot his load into her he pulled out I got straight up it & it was was all sticky & slimy with juices & spunk . After a few mins she knew I was cumming so she came at the same time. Once I'd emptied my spunk into her my horny mood disappeared. I couldn't get John to go home fast enough & he knew it. He knew once I cum I'm not a horny bugger anymore & why I always waited for a fuck after he's gone home. My wife likes me to fuck her afterwards cos she likes to hear what I thought & what naughty things he'd said about her .