31 Jul 2016

I climbed back into bed where Steve was barely awake, my body was tingling at the thought of a threesome. It had been a while since I had had more than one cock at the same time. I started playing with Steve,s cock and his reply was you can only have this again if you can get Lee to join us. This put me in a dilemma as I knew Lee wasn't to keen on joining us. So I replied is it OK if I went downstairs and had fun with Lee. You have 5 minutes to persuade him to come up and play.

Steve was lying there with a hard cock my pussy was in need of a good session but I wasn't allowed to ride him unless I could get Lee into our bed. I knew Lee would be downstairs with his hard cock but I only had 5 minutes for either a quick fuck or drag him upstairs for a session.

I got out of bed and went downstairs Lee was still lying on his back, his cock was limp and he was cleaning himself with a tissue. I looked at him and said I have 5 minutes to persuade you to come in our bed. I am in need of a dirty session and the only way is if you join us. If I can get you hard again will you please come to bed with us. He smiled and said maybe. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock cleaning the remnants of his spunk. I swung my legs over his face and pushed my pussy into his face which he quickly started tonguing my pussy. I started massaging his balls as I sucked on his cock, he was slowly coming to life. Just as I started to cum on his face Steve banged on the floor and shouted times up. I finished my orgasm and climbed off leaving Lee with another hard cock. I hated leaving it but I had to go back upstairs. You know where I am if you want to carry on and left him. Steve was still lying on the bed with a hard cock and said well do you get this or do I go to sleep. I could only reply don't know.

We lay there for about 10 minutes and still no sign of Lee so Steve said looks like sleep then, and on no account was i to sneak back downstairs to see him. He rolled over and went to sleep leaving me frustrated.

I was close to sleep when I felt a presence in the room and looked up and saw Lee standing at the door naked, he said is it too late to join you. I nudged Steve saying Lee wants to join us if that is OK. He stirred told Lee to put the light on and watch for a while. He told me to get on all fours and suck his cock but I had to have my bum facing Lee so he could watch my pussy getting wet. I did as I was told but kept looking at Lee as he played with himself. Steve then said I had to sit on him facing Lee so he can watch my pussy slide up and down his cock and my tits bouncing. He kept saying faster, faster make them tits bounce. After 5 minutes he said stop Wench it looks like he is ready. He told Lee to get on the bed and I was to climb on top of him but keep my bum in the air. I did as I was told then saw Steve get up get something out of the draw then come behind me. Ride him bitch he said, we both came about the same time and Steve said keep his cock in you. I felt something cold on my bum, He was pushing lube in me first one finger then two then he withdrew and started prodding me with his cock. He wasn't gentle but was quickly fucking my arse while Lee was still inside my pussy. After about 10 pushes I could feel Lee starting to twitch inside me. By the time Steve came inside my bum Lee was rock hard again. Steve climbed off and told me to get off him and suck his cock clean. I did as I was told then he pushed me away and said he needed sleep and we were to go downstairs and sleep in the spare room.

Part 3 to follow