Written by Sara

24 Mar 2019


I thought I would share something that happened two weeks ago; before a bit about me. I am 43 years old, married white sub slut, I have been a sub slut since I started having sex and have loved black guys since then also, I lost my cherry to a black guy. I am married to a white guy, he is older than me by ten years and also a master. He is white though and encourages me with my current master of five years, Max. I have a good body toned 36d2435 smooth, and I enjoy some pain in sex. My master Max is 34 a fitness trainer owns a gym. He is 6'1" amazing muscled body, very large cock; we met him through a black masters website, and a muscular body and a plus 10" cock were some of the requirements. He is a bit of a thug and I like that type, quite arrogant and demanding

Anyway, Max told me were going to a bar, in South London, know to be used primarily by black guys. I was told what to wear, I had black stockings and suspender belt, thigh length leather boots, a slut necklace, I was told to wait like that at home, when Max arrived my husband and him took me to the bedroom and tied me to the bed face down and proceeded to beat me across my arse with their belts, twenty strokes each. My husband then wrote on my arse BBC slut. Max wrote slut across my tits. I then put on my leather mini skirt and a tight white blouse low cut, no bra and |I am never allowed to wear knickers.

Max and I then got into his car and drove to the bar. He made me playing with my clit, with my skirt around my waist as we drove and he made sure that van drives could see what I was doing. Once in the car park, we went into the bar. the bar was packed, about six or seven other white girls there.

At the bar, there were a few guys we knew and who had fucked me before. they kissed me their tongues down my throat and groping my tits and arse. I am not allowed to complain or stop anyone if Max says they can do stuff with me. I was bought three or four large vodkas and more guys were bought over to grope and kiss and finger me. I had my blouse buttons undone someway down by now and I was shown to more guys telling them we were going back to Max's place for a party. A girl called Sally slim with huge tits was introduced by a guy called Addy; we were told to french kiss each other and that she would be joining us, she was dressed in a similar fashion to me, she pinched and pulled my nipples; she was clearly not a sub and said she would enjoy me,

After about another half an hour we all got into three cars and went to Max's house, I was in the back with two black guys and they were all over me, my blouse had the remaining buttons pulled off and I had my tits out and available, they were both fingering my pussy. When we got to the house we all went inside, a porn film was put on and drinks were opened, sally and I strip[ped down to our stockings and her shoes and my boots; she had a birch with her and she told me to bend forward touching my toes and to be quiet and she birched me for ten strokes, then she rimmed my arse and told me to be face down on the settee with my legs on the floor, she then licked my pussy and then told the guys to fuck me, the guys took in turns fucking me; they all came inside me I was then told to ride Max and Sally pinched and pulled my nipples putting weighted clamps on them and hitting them with the birch. Then I was bent forward and another guy rubbed my arse and slowly entered me and started to fuck me in motion with Max and two others were in my face and took turns fucking my face; all the guys took turns using my arse, pussy, and face. sally birched my arse after each arse fuck. She was then fucked by some of the guys and when the guys had all had us, she crouched over my face and made me drink the cum in her pussy. She then told me to open my legs and told me that she would feed me the man juice from my cunt. I then took hands full of cum, if I dropped any she would slap my face.

We then all rested watching some group sex porn, they guys had filmed everything. We drank some more, and then Max told me to get into doggy position and proceed to fuck my arse and sal was underneath me licking and fingering my clit; the orgasm was intense. The party went on until about 4 am. I went to bed with Max and Sally. I woke at about 10 am and sally told Max she wanted to fuck me properly and she went to her bag and got out a large double ended dildo and proceed to fuck my pussy hard, pulling my hair back, and telling me I was cheap whore for black thugs and that she was going to train me better. Once she fucked me Max fucked me and the other two guys who stayed came in the bedroom and had me too. I was then allowed to bath and given my clothes back My tits were covered in love bites as was my pussy and some on my neck; My buttons on my blouse had all come off and my stockings were a mess. Max order a can, the driver was a mate of his; I was put in the front seat and told that the fare was a blow job for the driver. I got home and slept

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