Written by Sexy Wife Tales

6 Sep 2012

My wife and I have read many of the stories submitted on Swinging Heaven and they turn us on immensely. However, we always wonder which are true and which are fantasy.

A few weeks ago something happened that I feel totally compelled to write about on here. Due to work commitments, I have only just had the time to type this. I still can’t believe it really happened, but it did. Now I am of the opinion that many more of the other tales that I read on here that I initially thought were untrue could easily have happened. For instance, I would never have believed that my wife would behave as she did, especially to my Uncle....who is 79 years old! If she could behave like that, then anyone could - even the most reserved woman.

Firstly I will give a bit of history leading up to last weeks event.

My wife Jayne is 48 years old, very friendly easy going, almost a touch naive you might say and wouldn’t want to upset or offend anyone. She is petite, has long straight brown hair, very pretty indeed and exercises regularly. She has never had children and is very natural and fresh faced still. Her body is amazing and would put lots of much younger women’s bodies to shame. She looks fabulous in flouncy short summer dresses or tight fitting tops and short skirts. Her legs are perfectly toned and her body is always lightly tanned. She loves to look her best at all times. I would not be exaggerating if I said that she looks more like 35, especially when she puts her hair up in a pony tail, she looks much younger.

My Aunt and Uncle moved away to Frinton in Essex a few years ago. My wife and I being very fond of them made regular trips to visit them. Sadly my Aunt died a few months ago - she was 83. This left my Uncle on his own with no real close family around. Luckily, he is in fantastic shape, still exercising, very active and quite muscular. He is very independent. He does receive regular care visits to make sure he’s OK. He’s a lovely old man but he has always had eyes for the ladies and has turned into a real lecherous pervert. When my Aunt was alive and we used to visit, he was all over my wife. Most of our visits were/are in the summer months so my wife would be wearing either a summer dress or a short skirt, flip flops or heels sometimes, cleavage on show - she always looked gorgeous and my uncle could not resist her.

He would always sit himself down next to her and put his arm round her squeezing her very tightly against him or he would invite my wife to sit on his lap and one of his hands would be wandering all over her legs. His loved to put his other arm around the front of her body. If my wife had a tight t-shirt on he would have her tits resting on his arm with her long hair all over his face. I could tell from his face and his manner how much pleasure he was getting having her sat on his lap.

He would always be commenting on how gorgeous she was to me and how lucky I was to have such a beautiful wife. My wife being very easy going thought it was all completely harmless and did not get upset or offended.

Although I thought he was completely out of order and should have said something to him, there was something inside of me that absolutely loved watching this dirty old man getting pleasure from looking at and getting hold of my beautiful sexy wife. It was so obvious to me that if he had the chance he would be in my wife’s knickers at the drop of a hat. I have to be honest and admit that this turned me on immensely and opened up completely new fantasies for me. My beautiful wife was perched on his lap looking so sexy and this dirty old man had his wandering hands all over her. I did not want to appear that I minded him doing it - I really hoped my wife would continue to let him do it without fuss.

She told me from previous visits that when it first happened she was a bit shocked and un-nerved but had got used to him just being a harmless old boy who loved women and was happy for him to give her a cuddle as long as he did not go too far. This was unlikely particularly while my Aunt was around.

Having said that, my Aunt did not appear to take much notice of my uncle’s behaviour at all. I think she saw that my wife did not take offence and I did not seem too bothered by it so she ignored it. She was probably used to it as apparently he was (still is) always extremely friendly and all over one of her nieces that visits. Not sure if she lets him get away with what my wife does though!

Anyway, as we visited more I found myself having to disappear to my Aunts bathroom where I wanked off furiously imagining him having sex with my wife. It sounds disgusting I know, but it just turned me on so much I couldn’t help my feelings. Suddenly I wanted my wife to start showing him more flesh - her knickers up her skirt, much more of her tits, even topless. Of course with my Aunt being present this was just not the right thing to do.

However, my Uncle was now living on his own and the opportunity was there for my fantasies to be acted out - all I had to do was hope that my wife would go along with it.

We went up to see my Uncle just after my Aunts death and of course to attend the funeral. Both very sombre occasions naturally and my Uncle was very overcome by emotion and grief. He gave my wife a huge hug at the funeral and I don’t even think he noticed that she had a just above knee length floaty black dress on, sheer black stockings, suspenders and heels. I could only imagine what he would have thought under normal circumstances if he had caught a good look up her dress and saw her stocking tops, bare thighs and white panties.

A month or so after the funeral we went for a day out to the Essex seaside at Harwich and decided to pop in to see my uncle on the way home for a quick cup of tea. It wasn’t a very nice day, quite breezy and overcast. Jayne wore a tight pair of jeans with a little vest and a cardigan. When we arrived at my uncle’s house he made the usual fuss of her….but this time much more intense and pervy. He would not leave her alone and of course she had to sit on his lap. His hands were all over her legs and he even put his hands on her tits and commented how lovely they felt. When she got up to walk out of the room he told her what a very sexy arse she had and could he bite it. Secretly, I was loving this and had visions of him undressing her and taking real liberties with her. He was clearly much worse now my aunt was not around.

When we got home and in the next few weeks I could not stop imaging all sorts of scenarios for when we visited him again. I dared to mention my fantasies to Jayne and she gave me signs that she would be up for a little exhibitionism in front of my uncle. I was so excited.

Three weeks ago while we were both on leave from work for a week we visited my Uncle for the day. We chose one of the rare days which was forecast to be very sunny and warm.

After talking to Jayne about my fantasies and with my encouragement and persuasion, she wore an extremely short floaty summer dress, flip flops, white panties and a smile! When she sat down and crossed her legs you could see her plain white cotton panties tucked up between her soft bum cheeks. Her tits were inadequately covered by her dress and were almost falling out of it when she leaned forward. I couldn’t wait for my Uncle to see her. She knew why I had asked her to wear such a revealing dress and was quite prepared for him. She even told me that she wanted to give him a treat after all he had been through.

We both knew that he was going to be all over her - especially dressed like that!

When we arrived I watched my Uncle like a hawk. I wanted to see his face and expressions at close hand. There was a fantastic start to the visit. It was quite breezy being near to the sea and as my wife walked up the path towards my uncle, a timely gust of wind blew her dress almost over her head.

The look on his face was priceless. As my wife struggled to adjust her dress he gave her a big hug and a kiss squashing her against him. His first words to both of us were “lucky you put your knickers on Jayne, I want you to show me them again after“. Come on darling, come through to the garden and give your old uncle Derek a big cuddle”.

He made us a cup of tea and we remained inside the house for a short while. I was watching him staring constantly at Jayne’s legs. He said to me “doesn’t she look gorgeous showing her lovely legs off”

Eventually he asked us to join him in the garden and immediately invited Jayne to sit on his lap as usual.

Without my Aunt there he was unbelievable - his hands were everywhere. We were all having a friendly conversation but he had one hand sliding up in between her legs stroking her inner thighs and he was constantly staring down her dress at her tits. Her dress was so short that it had ridden up round her waist and her panties were on complete view. I could not believe what I was seeing. I was so turned on but I was constantly looking and gesturing to my wife to see if she was OK with the groping onslaught. She kept nodding approvingly.

He kept saying how gorgeous she was and what a lucky man I was.

I was thinking, he’s 79 and although he has most of his faculties he probably doesn’t realise what a liberty he was taking with Jayne. He was totally carried away having the time of his life with a much younger half naked girl on his lap.

He had his face at the side of Jayne’s and I heard him say that she had his favourite white knickers on and that she looked so sexy she was turning him on.

I noticed his hand wandering higher and higher up in between her legs until it reached her panties.

His hand started stroking her panties in between her legs. My wife looked at me and raised her eyebrows. I whispered to her “open your legs”. Jayne opened her legs for him and he began moving his flat hand all over her panties He did not even look over at me - his face was buried in her long hair.

His hand was working over her slit, running his middle finger up and down the groove. I could hear him muttering to her that she was gorgeous and “you don’t mind me doing this to you, do you?” My wife looked at me with a puzzled look and I gestured to her that I did not have a problem. She stroked the top of his head and said “no, it’s fine carry on”.

My heart was racing, my mouth was so dry and I was shaking with excitement.

He dropped my wife off his lap and stood up. He then caught sight of me and had a look of total shock on his face. He said something like, “oh no, I am so sorry Sam, I got totally carried away, oh no!”

I can’t remember the exact words of my response but it was on the lines of “Derek mate…it’s OK honest…I don’t mind you having a bit of fun with Jayne as long as she is happy - especially after all you’ve been through lately. Carry on, I’m not the jealous husband type”

“Are you sure?” he said with a look of total amazement. “I’ve fancied Jayne for years and I can’t believe this”

I said “as long as I can watch”.

Derek looked at Jayne (she had readjusted her dress back to normal) and apologised to her. She quickly re-assured him that everything was OK and asked him if he wanted to carry on - I could see that she was clearly relaxed now and really getting in the mood. I was so relieved and immensely excited.

He was almost tearful and said to her that he would love to.

What my sexy wife did next turned me on so much. She moved on to a sun lounge that was close by. She laid back and opened her legs as wide as she could. “Come on Derek” she said, “what are you waiting for?”

Derek knelt down at the side of Jayne and asked her to sit up. He pulled her dress off over her head revealing her lovely natural tits. He kept saying how gorgeous she was as he began licking, and kissing her tits. He pressed his face into them and licked and sucked her nipples. He then laid her down gently on the lounger and started to kiss all over her stomach down towards her panties. Although I was being discreet, I was very close to both of them and I could hear him sniffing her panties as his face worked its way over them. He was kissing in between her open legs over her inner thighs and panties.

He then took hold of her panties on each side of her body and slowly pulled them down revealing her neatly trimmed light brown triangle of pubic hair. My heart must have skipped when I saw him take them off.. My pervy 79 year old uncle was staring at my wife’s bare pussy - she had her legs wide open and her tight little pink slit was clearly on view.

He actually turned round at that point and acknowledged me. He said “I’ve wanted to see that for years - fucking gorgeous! Look at that perfect little pussy - I’ve never seen anything so beautiful” He then knelt down in front of Jayne and immersed his face into her pussy. He was tonguing her slit so rigorously like a man possessed. I had an amazing close up view. I held Jayne’s hand tightly. He was slurping, licking, and sucking her pink pussy lips. What really turned me on was that he was giving out groans and grunts of pleasure like a really dirty old man. There was this very old grey haired man, a lecherous old pervert licking my pretty wife’s pussy out. She was actually allowing him to do it - in fact, not only allowing it, she was really enjoying it! She began writhing around and was clearly moaning with pleasure as his tongue worked away on her clitoris..

He must have been eating her pussy for ages, I’m not sure how long. When he finally stopped I said to him “Sorry Derek, I’ve got to do this”

I pulled Jayne off of the sun lounge and she knelt on the grass leaning over it. I took my shorts down and stuck my rock hard cock deep into Jayne’s pussy and fucked the arse off her. I was in a bit of a frenzy and shagged her so hard. I was thinking how much Derek would love to do this to her. I pulled my cock out, grabbed my wife’s head and spunked all over her face as she held her mouth open.

When I looked round, Derek had taken his cock out and was wanking it off. I couldn’t believe a man of his age could get an erection like that. Had he been taking Viagra? I wondered.

Suddenly Jayne said “I want you to fuck me as well Derek…come on” and she bent over the sun lounge again. I could not believe it, I could just not believe that Jayne would let him have full sex with her.

Derek got up behind Jayne and sank his cock inside her. He groaned and the look on his face was of sheer pleasure. I watched his face closely, his tongue was hanging out and his eyes were glazing over as he enjoyed my wife’s tight pussy. Her arse looked amazing as he fucked her….soft peachy cheeks rippling and wobbling as he fucked her so rigorously. Suddenly he let out an almighty groan as he reached orgasm inside her.

I was not sure if he would have any sperm but I could see it lots of it running down Jayne’s leg as he withdrew his cock from her pussy. Absolutely amazing virility for a man of 79. He must have been so turned though finally being able to have sex with Jayne after lusting after her for years. He stopped and just knelt over her, cuddling her and kissing her back. He was genuinely affectionate. Jayne stood up and my uncle knelt in front of her kissing her tits with his hands around her on her bum cheeks.

“You have made me so happy” he said to her “if I died tomorrow I would be a very happy man. It was all very emotional and Jayne began crying.

Jayne and I have had some amazing sex together following this visit. We both want it to happen again - Derek does not know this yet.

Jayne has promised me that she will fulfil one of my greatest fantasies and will spend ages sucking my uncle’s cock and let him spunk in her mouth. The lucky old sod! Can’t wait to watch that.

I know it sounds like it is fiction, but it is not. This really happened. I still can’t believe it but it shows what can take place when both partners are willing and you get carried away in the moment. The worst thing would be if we regretted it afterwards……….but we don’t!

Jayne told me that she loves the effect she has over my uncle and that he desperately wanted her. She said that she was really turned on by a very much older man making love to her.

Derek swears that he has never touched Viagra. Hope I have the ability to fuck like that if I live that long.