Written by Happily divorced

16 Mar 2009

Unlike most others I really do know where my sharing/ voyeuristic tendencies began. It was when I was with my first wife some twenty years ago when we were both in our early thirties and I witnessed her, through a drunken haze, with my then best friend.

We had been to a wedding when I felt they were becoming uncomfortably close, to the point both me and his wife felt excluded. When we were invited to another wedding some 2-3 weeks later I initially thought all was well but became aware they were topping up both mine, and his wife's drink, as they appeared to be sober and in control.

I honestly thought nothing of it at the time and over indulged as men tend to do. I can hardly remember the taxi ride back to his house but I do remember his wife being sick en-route and me feeling distinctly unwell as the trip progressed. I have a vague memory of being placed on the couch by them and only half remember snatches of them helping his wife upstairs to bed.

I must have passed out for an hour or so but I became aware of whispers in the room and tried to focus in the direction from which they hailed. The first thing I saw as I opened my eyes was a basin placed in front of the couch on which I lay and the feel of the towel placed under my head.

I was blootered as the room slowly came into focus and through the drunken haze, I could have sworn that in the dimmed light I could see my wife Sandra and my alleged best friend Gary kissing on the couch opposite.

I think I passed out again as the events seemed to surge forward as I again focused in the dim light. I could see Gary kneeling on the floor as Sandra sat on the couch holding the hem of her skirt up to her breasts. Gary was between her legs and it appeared he was licking gently on my wife's pussy as she stuffed the dress in her mouth to keep quiet?

She had on black tights that night and the milky white flesh of her legs was now was clearly in view as her tights and panties were now wrapped round her ankles. She sat back on the couch with her feet on the floor and her legs wide open as my best pal crouched between them with his face buried in her cunt.

Again I must have sparkled as I was suddenly aware of Sandra kneeling on the floor only a few feet from me as Gary pumped her from behind in the doggy position. They both appeared dressed, aside from Sandra's milky white bare arse being in full view and her dress rucked up to her waist as the apparently fully dressed Gary pumped her from behind?

I wish I could add more detail but the next I knew was Sandra helping me into taxi and me waking up in our bed, again with a basin under my head. It really fucked me up initially but the thoughts of revenge were soon replaced with lustful thoughts as I struggled with my conscience.

I realised that the thought of my wife with my best friend was turning me on turbo.

For weeks after I wanked constantly to the panties I had rescued from the washing machine the morning after. As I sniffed the stains deposited on them by my wife and my best friend I relived that wonderful night in my mind. I really thought she would jump at the offer brewing in my mind so I decided not to confront her.

After a week or two I suggested that we try swapping with a suitable couple. She blew a fuse and left me within the week calling me a weirdo on the way out the door. A week later she had set up home with Gary in a let but after a month he dumped her for someone else.

I have flourished since, and have shared many a consented adventure with my long time partner whom I met soon after the split with Sandra. Not surprisingly, I still allow myself the occasional wank to the memory of that night for old times sake.