Written by Johnny

23 Jul 2017

After a few weeks of her pt calling to the house to train her?! And after me watching them each time, and each time cumming at the back window, I knew it was time to tell her that I knew what was going on.

We were in bed and I brought up in conversation that her pt calling to the house was regular and a bit unusual. I asked her why she didn't do her sessions at the gym as she had done when she first started. She just shrugged and said she preferred it at home and she was less embarrassed. I asked her "do you get turned on during your sessions?" She replied "of course, Phil is 10 years younger than us and has a fit body and is very attentive".

My cock was getting really hard as I enjoyed watching her suck his big cock and her moaning with pleasure as he thrusted it deep inside her.

It was at this point that I told her that I knew she was fucking him and that I've been watching each week and wanking over it. She got really embarrassed and didn't know what to say. I eased her awkward situation by telling her that it turned me on and as long as I was still fucking her I was quite happy that she was being satisfied by another man. Especially as he was younger and fit (her words). We had great sex that night as she told me how much she enjoyed sucking his cock, it was probably a bit bigger than mine but definitely fatter. She told me how much she loved me but how she loved the way Phil was attentive but rough and dominant when it come to having sex.

I told her that next week to move her session to the Saturday morning and that I wanted to watch and join in.

She told me she would have to ask Phil first if he would be ok with that.

Saturday morning came and I was tense at the thought of joining in. I'd never been in this position before but since my wife had been screwing Phil our sex life had soared.

Phil knocked at the house and was looking a little sheepish. I assured him that I was fine with what was happening but wanted to be involved abbot more.

My wife went over to him and started kissing him. Her left hand reached between his legs and I watched her run his cock through his shorts. She quickly bent down and peeled his shorts down. His fat cock sprung out and her mouth was soon around it. I went behind my wife and started groping her tits. She was already moaning so I knew how much she was enjoying it. I pulled her top and bra up to reveal her tita and Phil reached down to rub them.

She lay on back and Phil removed his top and pulled her bottoms down. Her bald pussy was staring him in the face when he lurched forward and pressed his tongue against her. My cock was bulging as I quickly undressed and pushed my cock towards her face. She sucked me hard as Phil licked her. We got her in all fours as she continued to suck me and Phil entered her from behind and started fucking her really hard. He soon shot his load inside her as she was screaming in delight. I lay back in the floor as my wife straddled me. I could feel Phils cum seeping out and running down my balls. My wife started riding me as Phil was playing with her tits and rubbing her clit. Phil then went behind her and was cupping her tits as she rode me. I bent her forward to kiss her, her heavy breasts pressed against my chest. To my shock I then felt a hand rubbing my balls before it was replaced with a tongue. Phil was licking my balls and my shaft as she rose up and down in it. I'm not bi not had a bi experience but I soon shot my load inside my wife.

My wife rolled if me and Phil began licking her furiously before sticking his cock inside her again.

We fucked a few more times and Louise, my wife cum over and over again. She loved being spoiled by two men. We are going to make this a regular thing. I'm even considering asking him if he has any friends to join us. Once Yiur wife reveals herself to be a cock slut, there's no going back. But I'm enjoying it as well.