23 Dec 2016

Many years ago now, not long after we were married, my wife was looking for a part-time job. We had already done some personal pics; glamour, semi nude and full nude, both indoors and on beaches, and she was getting very comfortable with the idea her 5'2" size 8 frame was not only acceptable naked outdoors, but downright sexy.

A national photo magazine carried an ad for models and was local to us, only 5 miles away, though we had never heard of it before.

To cut to the chase, we contacted the owner, and arranged to go over for some test shots and for her profile pics. The guy was a family man, wife and children there when we arrived, and after a little "at ease" chat we went down into the studio, which was in the lower part of the large house.

She started by taking direction and did the usual face, head and shoulders then full-length shots, all fully clothed. After this, she was asked if she wanted to do some glamour or nude work, which paid rather better. She agreed initially to do the glamour work, so was invited to change into anything she wanted, from the range at the back of the studio. As she was selecting some items, we noticed there was nothing that was not completely transparent. Interesting!

Having selected a few items, she asked where she should change, and I think she was surprised when he said "Anywhere. There are no changing facilities yet." So..... was she happy to get naked in from of this man, a man she first met only 30 minutes previously? Thankfully she just shrugged her shoulders and turned away to undress. Soon afterwards, she was wearing a shadow-stripe teddy (did I mention it was see-through?) and barely black hold-ups, with a pair of 4" heels. God, the look was fantastic, and I realised I was not the only there with a hard-on!

He again took a full roll of film, and then asked her to change. This time, she kept the shoes and stockings on, and took the teddy off, replacing it with a sheer black open gown. Even more fantastic! I was by now liking some pre-cum and I hadn't even touched myself!

The pics rapidly followed, and it was obvious she was getting turned on as well, so that after the roll was used, as the photographer changed films, she just shrugged the gown off her shoulders, and was now naked in just the shoes and stockings. Christ, if I was hard before, this took me to new heights! It was clear the photo guy was also even more turned on too, though I think the prospect of his wife upstairs finding him with a stonker helped to calm him down a bit.

All pretence at decorum now disappeared. She was doing full open-leg shots, fingers inside, rubbing her clit and eventually going the distance with a full orgasm.

Clearly the photographer now had more than enough material for his use as an agent, and she dressed, we left quickly and were to wait for his calls with offers of work.

Some 10 days later, we had the first call. A guy from the West Midlands had seen ALL her pics, and had booked her for an hour of full nude work.

I dropped her off at the studio, and as it was only going to be an hour, waited just down the road for her to finish.

So about 90 mins later, she came up to the car, got in and we started off home. I asked how it had gone, and she was a little subdued. Pressing the issue, she revealed the client had asked if she minded if he were naked as well, as she was, he said he would feel more comfortable in the same state. With her lack of experience, she thought this might be normal.

So both are naked, alone in the studio.

It started as normal, photos of classic nude style, and some getting slightly more risque. After a short while, he had her posing on her knees, doggy style, with fingers in her shaven cunt, and holding her fanny lips spread apart, then on her back with three fingers in her pussy. By now, she was getting rather rampant, and didn't cotton on when he put the camera on the tripod, with a long shutter release in his hadn't.

He moved over to her, stood alongside and asked if she would mind him being in the pics with her, to which she said she didn't mind at all. Next, he asked if he could put his hands on her waist, and again she agreed. This carried on until he was holding her tits, playing with her nipples - drives her crazy! The next shots were with him holding her tits with one hand, and his hand over her fanny mound. This lead on to his fingers playing with her clit, and he brought her to a climax that way. As she lay back, still shuddering from the climax, he climbed aboard her and fucked her relentlessly for several minutes, before cumming into her unprotected cunt.

She had, while this was going on, had another orgasm, and was totally shattered.

She was presented with his cock, just average she says, and was told to lick it clean. She did this, though slightly confused about it all, but she is often confused after a big cum!

Later, the session finished, she just put on her shoes and coat, not bothering with any other clothing, and came out to me.

She says it was very enjoyable, but she never went back again, saying modelling is fine, but if she wanted to be paid for sex, she might as well be a prostitute. I'm glad she isn't, I prefer her to just be an enthusiastic amateur who can choose any partner she wants, with my full agreement, whenever she wants.

These days, heavier but with no less of a sex drive, she does no more modelling but is quite happy to have extra sex with polite older gents who appreciate the fuller figure.