Written by love me wife

27 May 2018

As I have told you all before my wife who is Russian goes on holiday every year , this year is no different apart from she is spending two week with her boyfriend who fucks her senseless she arrived at Moscow airport he met her there went to the hotel in the lift he had her tits out sucking her nipples, she grabbed his cock but didnt get it out just rubbing it to a hard lump in his jeans , they got in the room but he made her walk down the hall with her tits out luckly there was no one around she said, they quickly got undressed and into the shower were he fucked her , she came and he followed he pulled out she got on her knees and sucked his knob clean . they then got dried off then he made her go to the ballcony in just high heels then started taking photos of her naked on the ballcony , he sent me two then told her he was sending some to a friend who was meeting them tonight , and she was going to be fucked by him as the boyfriend had to go meet some one else . She asked him what she was to wear for the meeting he asked to show him what she had brought with her ,iI had helped her pack so I had put a see through dress in and some hold up stockings , he said that will do with a tiny thong no bra and high black heels also she would have her hair up ,. Her boyfriend got a phone call it was his mate who wanted to talk to my wife , he handed her the phone they started to speak he asked her if she would mind if he brought his girl friend with him as she licked to lick cunt , my wife as no problem with that as she licks them same , any way time arived she was ready her boyfriend had left ,Olga went down to the bar to wait for the couple she had a drink the bar man was so attentive looking at her tits in the dress soon the couple arrived the two girls got on straight away after a drink they went to the resturant sat at the table the girls were close to each other and started to play with each other under the table Olga pushed a finger in her cunt then pulled it out and put it in her mouth the other girl Angelina did the same to my wife they had a quick meal as the man was complaining that he wanted to fuck them both , as they left the resturant and up in the lift the two girls had there tounges in there mouths french kissing the bloke had his cock out and put it in my wifes hand she started to wank it but the lift got to there floof they got straight quick as the doors opened good job as some one was waiting for the lift as soon as they got in the room clothes all over he started to fuck my wife and she was licking Angelinas cunt she told me that it was a prity cunt no hair but smelled lovely the man soon came very loudly as he pulled out he told his girl friend to lick it clean she did then she started to lick my wifes cunt who came again the blokes cock didnt go soft he started to fuck his girl friend my wife sat on her face her tounge was up my wifes cunt she was french kissing the bloke they all came at the same time , they all fell in a heap on the bed the bloke told the girls to get on the ballcony naked he too started taking photos of them in the night sky ,kissing each other fingering each other , got the photos too tell you more just the start of her holiday .