Written by MDW

10 Nov 2008

This is the true story of the events my wife got up to when I was working in Stockport about 3 years ago.

We have been members of Adam and Eve's Sauna club in Eccles for many years, sometimes only going once in 6 months, other times almost weekly, depending on the work/life balancing act that most of us have to perform.

On this particular occasion, I was working in Stockport for a small company, providing cover for an employee on long-term sick leave. S has often come along to different venues for the shopping, and we meet up at lunchtime then travel home when I finish work.

As we were near to the club, I asked S if she would like to go shopping, then I would drive her to the club where she could spend the afternoon - weather was lousy, shopping worse - and I would meet her about 6.00 to drive home. S thought this a good idea, as the club has an excellent sauna and jacuzzi.

From this point on, I can only relate the details S provided when I arrived to collect her. She asked me if we could stay a while longer, so I undressed and collected a towel from the reception area before joining S in the sauna. She, as usual, was totally naked, and in seconds so was I. There were two other guys in the sauna already, again naked. S introduced them as being two of the three men who had fucked her that afternoon! I guess most of you arena't heavily into quantum physics or rocket science, but you don't need that kind of intellect to work out that my reaction was an instant hard-on.

It seems the first guy, who had subsequently left, had sat next to S when she went into the empty jacuzzi. They had chatted for some time, and S was nicely relaxed thanks to a glass or two of wine previously, when she says he put his hand on her thigh. Gently stroking her under the water, his hand gradually moved up to find her neatly trimmed pubes and with minimal encouragement S parted her legs to allow his fingers full access to her tight and very beautiful cunt.

She responded by reaching over to stroke his erect cock. In doing so, he came within seconds. S was deeply disappointed, and thought that was to be the end, but he thanked her for the instant relief, explained that he always came very quickly and would be game to play again in just a few minutes! Suggesting they may find it better to go to one of the private rooms, they dried off and went downstairs.

S says that once in the room, he licked her cunt lips whilst playing with her clittoris until she was literally screaming to be fucked. He pushed his again-hard cock into her hot and welcoming cunt, thrust slowly and sensuously until he was fully embedded then moved faster and faster until, with a massively hard thrust, pushed in and remained still while pumping his seed into her. She says that although he didn't last too long, it was a really intense sensation as his spunk felt so hot inside her. He again thanked her and they lay for some time talking before S took her towel and they walked naked back upstairs. He disappeared to get dressed, so S had a shower and went into the sauna.

The two guys I had been introduced to when I arrived were in there, clearly knew each other, and started to chat to her, asking if she was the cause of the screaming they had heard earlier. S, embarrassed, admitted it may have been!

At this time, she was sitting on the top bench with one guy alongside, the other on the lower bench at right angles to her, so he was looking up at her tits and was on eye level with her pubes. It wasn't long before the chat got around to the sex S had just had, and the guys asked her if she had ever had two at once - see her other exploits in the "fact" section - and she said she had, also that she enjoyed it a lot, it was her favourite thing to be the centre of attention in a fuck-fest. This was obviously the answer they were hoping for, as they both started to fondle her legs, tits and any other body parts they could get at!

Fucking in a sauna is not the most comfortable thing - we've done it so we know - but such was the lust all three had, that S was taken into the pool lounge next to the sauna, towels placed on the pool table, and S placed on top of that!

She was at the perfect height for the guys to fuck her, and as one started to do that, she found the other guy's cock next to her head, so did the polite thing and turned to suck him off.

The guys changed places several times, also turning S over to fuck her doggy style over the end of the table. It seems that at this time, several other males came down as spectators, all openly wanking as they watched my wife sucking and fucking simultaneously. One guy approached S as this was happening, and she wanked him as they were playing with her hot and willing body. A good job they had towels over the pool table, I'm not sure it would have ever recovered from the totality of hot sticky cum deposited over it in the following few minutes!

The guys watching and wanking saw a 5'2" size 14 rampant and eagerly participating naked woman fucking, sucking and wanking three men all at the same time. Porn stars can't do it better!

As they all eventually came, one in her hand, one in her mouth and one in her cunt, the wanking guys also shot their loads, and gradually departed the scene. Following this, S was left to recover on the table as the two sauna guys took turns having a shower, reluctant to leave her alone. Then, kindly, they helped S to the shower where they also spent some time in a slow and sexy washing of her well-used and very well satisfied body. Later, all three went to the club lounge, and just before I arrived at the club, returned to the sauna where I found them.

Having heard the story of her afternoon exploits, with a hard-on that needed some relief of it's own, I took S into one of the bigger lounges, thankfully empty at the time. I placed S in the centre of the cushioned area, and started to lick her puffy cunt lips, whilst gently wriggling a finger into her anus. This, when S is in the right mood, sends her totally over the top and screwing later is just so fantastic. I moved around so that S could reach down and fondle my balls, as she did this she also tickled that spot between scrotum and anus that is just unbelievably sensitive when I've got a hard-on. Desperately needing to fuck, I lay on my back as S straddled my legs and lowered herself onto my cock then started the slow slide down until I was embedded to the hilt inside her. She then took control of the action, riding me better than any Lady Godiva, naked and wailing as she bounced up and down until, able to control myself any longer, I pumped out my spunk into her very hot and slightly loose cunt, coming more that time than I had for months.

When we started to get up, we realised we had had an audience of three guys and a lady, who herself was being fondled and finger-fucked by two of the guys there. Shame they hadn't thought to join in.