Written by James

30 Jul 2019

We were setting out to go to a christening. My wife was to wear a blouse and a denim skirt. The skirt had a flap at the side. She couldn't find any unladdered tights so had no option but to wear stockings. The black suspender belt she wore had 6 straps as she prefers these for keeping the stockings tight.

While we were eating at the tables I noticed that the flap of her skirt fell to the side and I could see her stocking tops and suspender clips. No-one else could see under the table.

After eating we went to sit on some chairs just by the cloakroom and as she sat down the flap fell away again exposing even more with not only her stocking tops on that leg on view but some of her suspender straps too.

What made it all the more erotic for me was that she had absolutely no idea how much was exposed.

Several men that came out of the hall certainly did notice though. One even came out from the toilets still trying to adjust an erection.

I was slightly tempted to say something but the man from the toilets wasn't the only one fighting an erection. I even started to think that maybe one or more might have gone in with an erection but then wanked themselves off thinking about my wife.

So after a while we returned to the hall and the tables once again hid her exposed leg.

When we got home I couldn't wait to fuck her and she still had no idea why I was so horny. All she mentioned was that if her wearing stockings when we got out makes you this randy maybe I should do it more often.