Written by Paul

30 Oct 2008

We were on holiday in Goa, it was Jennifer’s 30th birthday, we found ourselves in a small beach bar next to our hotel and whilst I was in the toilets Jennifer had found herself an admirer, (which wasn’t surprising as she was only wearing a skimpy black bikini that showed off her best features, and this guy was enjoying looking at both of them). Jennifer’s admirer looked like a local guy about 35 years old, he introduced himself as Raj, he was quite good looking, very well built, he was rather tall, about 6'4" or so and very muscular. He was wearing just a pair of shorts, and was proudly showing off his physique.

Actually he was quite pleasant company and we enjoyed his conversation and humour, by early afternoon we were all very tipsy.

Towards the end of the afternoon Raj stood up, and said in broken English, "I guess it's time for me to be heading back. I have an early day tomorrow."

"Oh no you're not!" Jennifer said. "The night's just beginning."

"I don't know Jennifer, I think I should go." Raj stammered.

"Nonsense, you're coming with us." Jennifer answered him. He looked towards me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

Jennifer took his hand, and practically pulled him along with us.

When we got back to the beach front villa we were staying in, Jennifer told Raj to make himself comfortable as she headed for the refrigerator. I headed for the bathroom, oblivious to what she was up to. When I emerged, the two of them were lying face to face on the bed, sipping champagne, giggling like two teenagers. When Jennifer saw that I was in the room, she poured me a glass of champagne, handed it to me, and then turned back to Raj. I sat down on a chair, still surprised by what was going on, we had spoken about spicing up our sex life by bringing other people into it, but I never thought it would happen.

As they lay there talking, Jennifer was running her hand up and down his arm, then over his chest. Raj too had joined in the flirting, also caressing her arm, and side, but conveniently never touching her breasts. Finally Jennifer got bold and leaned in and kissed Raj on the lips. It was a short kiss, nothing special, but he took the cue. He placed his hand on her cheek and pulled her lips back to his, this time their tongues joined in. As they kissed, Raj moved one of his hands down my wife's body and mauled her right breast. She still had her bikini on, and Raj pushed the cup down under her breast and began pinching and twisting her exposed nipple with his huge hand. Jennifer was moaning from his teasing. After a few minutes of kissing, Raj moved her onto her back. He knelt next to her and kissed her while he reached behind her and untied her top. He pulled it off and threw it across the room, then replaced it with his hands, groping at her tits. Jennifer was grinding her pussy up into Raj's crotch, and over his manhood. Raj was taking his time, enjoying her lovely tits, twisting and pinching her nipples, and nibbling and sucking them alternately. Jennifer ran her hands over his chest and down over his stomach, moaning her approval at his taut flat stomach and the attention that she was getting.

I sat there, rock hard and throbbing, it was like watching a porn movie in which your wife is playing the leading lady. I stood and stepped out of my trunks and sat back down naked.

Raj had finally had enough of her tits, for the time being, and moved his head down to Jennifer's crotch. He kissed and licked the insides of her thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy with each lick. Jennifer was eager with anticipation, sighing and moaning, and panting from his teasing. When he finally reached her pussy, she let out a loud sigh. He kissed her pussy through her bikini bottoms for a few moments, before taking hold of the sides and untying them. He very slowly pulled the bottoms off, the cheeky bastard then turned around and grinned at me. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted this cocky sod fucking my wife, but I couldn’t see how I could stop what envitably was going to happen. He then threw Jennifer’s bottoms to me, I caught them, I could smell her sex oozing from them and was absolutely shocked at how wet they were, I swear I could have wrung them out and produced a puddle of water on the floor.

Raj then began savouring each inch of newly exposed flesh. "Ooh baby, I love a shaven pussy!" He said, as her pussy became exposed. He kissed her stomach, just above her navel, sliding lower with each kiss. When he finally reached her pussy, Jennifer reached down and shoved his head in her crotch. Raj took the hint and buried his tongue between her lips. He used his broad shoulders to spread my wife's legs wide apart as he attacked her pussy. He was slurping at it, Jennifer loves oral sex and was quickly rolling her head from side to side clearly enjoying every second. Jennifer still had her hands on the back of his head, holding him firmly in place. I saw Raj push one, then two and a further two fingers into Jennifer’s soaking wet pussy and heard him mumbled something about checking her out for size, I am sure that Jennifer was to far gone to have heard this, on hearing this I looked down at his crotch and from the outline of his cock he seemed to be quite big, certainly bigger than my seven inches which had adaquauly satisfied her for the last 6 years. As her moaning became heavier and louder, she began moving his head around her crotch in circular motions, his tongue following her lead.

"Mmm, mmm, yeah, that's it!" She moaned huskily. "Lick it, lick my pussy, lick my pussy faster!" Each time she spoke, the words became louder and more strained. She began moaning inaudibly; shoving his head deeper, before letting out the loudest moan I had ever heard from her. She lay back on the bed, still, breathing heavily, trying to recover from her orgasm.

I sat there amazed at how easily this guy had made Jennifer come, I went to join them on the large bed, but Jennifer said “no, no not yet, let him fuck me first”.

She lay still on the bed for a minute or two. Raj had to use a towel to wipe her juice from the sides of his mouth and chin, and then he lay down on the bed next to her. As Jennifer regained her breath, she reached her hand down under his shorts. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. She pulled her hand straight out and quickly got up and knelt in front of him, her legs straddling his. She then slowly removed his shorts. I was shocked when his cock came free. Raj's cock was seriously thick! Not to mention, it must have been at least nine inches long! He also was un-circumcised. Jennifer wrapped her little hand around it and began stroking him. From her frigging, I am sure it gained another couple of inches of length. Raj placed his hand on the back of Jennifer’s head and guided her lips to his cock. I saw her took a deep breath, and then wrap her lips around the tip of his cock.

She looked over at me and smiling said “here goes” and then slowly, she sank deeper and deeper on his cock. By the time she had engulfed about half of it in her mouth, she started to gag. She pulled her head back up and sank down again. Seeing her lips surrounding this cock was quite a sight. As she sucked him, she continued jerking him off with her hand. Raj began moaning himself, and soon after, he reached down and pushed her head away from his cock. "I want to fuck that pussy of yours, baby!" He said.

Jennifer smiled and said, "I'm not sure my pussy can handle that!"

"Don't worry baby, I've checked you out and I have been with much smaller girls than you. You'll get used to it, you just have to go really slow." He reassured her.

I had now let go of my earlier feelings and was simply enjoying the show, watching my wife with this huge man. I began slowly pleasuring myself as I watched.

Jennifer was clearly nervous, but she slid up his body, still straddling his legs, until her pussy was touching his monstrous balls. She was actually trembling as she pulled her hips up; her pussy hovering above his cock. She looked over at me, I guess for reassurance. As I said, I had my cock out and was stroking it. I gave her an icy stare, showing little or no emotion. If I was honest, despite enjoying the show I was a bit pissed of that a local beach bum (with a cock much bigger than mine) was going to be fucking my elegant wife. She ignored my icy stare and said “Paul I am scared. What should I do”, still I didn't say anything, my emotions were all over the place one minute there was anger, the next sexual enjoyment at what was happening.

I smiled and said “go for it darling”, she smiled back no doubt at getting my approval. Her smile quickly disappeared and her face now showed a look of concern. Raj sensing her hesitation had reached out and grabbed her hips, then lifted her up above his cock. Jennifer took hold of his monster and pointed it straight up, the tip of his cock was now touching her pussy lips.

She let out a low moan and said “Please, please be gentle”, as Raj pulled her hips down, his cock-head began penetrating her lips. Raj slowly eased her down onto him, I could see his cock stretching her pussy. Jennifer's face was red; her veins popping out from the strain, I was surprised that she let out no more than that low moan. It took about 5 minutes of work on the part of Jennifer and Raj, despite the AC being on Jennifer’s body had small beads of perispation running down her face and all over her body.

Then finally I was shocked to see that her pussy had welcomed each and every inch of his length. On realising this Jennifer let out a long sigh, which I took to be a sigh of relieve, she looked at me and said “Paul, I have done it, its all in me, I have never been so full in my life”.

She then began to kiss Raj continually giving him small quick kisses and quite deliriously kept saying “thank you, thank you, I am so fucking full, I have never been so fucking full in my life, god that fucking cock is giving me the most beautiful fucking feeling ever”.

I could see her body shaking and then she started to uncontrollable roll her head back and forth and kept muttering that she was “fucking Cumming”. Seconds later she was screaming as her orgasm ripped through her body, through out this Raj hadn’t even moved he just kept Jennifer impaled on his cock. I noticed that there was a great big wet patch on the bed and on there were fluids running down his thighs as if Jennifer had wet herself.

It then occurred to me that Jennifer must have been so turned on she had squirted, something that I had never achieved.

Slowly Raj pulled her gently up from his cock, and then she sank back down on him. They fucked, like this he a few minutes, and then Jennifer stopped him lifting her up, looked him in the eye and said “Please fuck me harder”

At that invitation he flipped Jennifer onto her back and they began to pick up their pace gradually, until they reached a normal fucking speed. Jennifer is very vocal when being fucked and tonight was no exception, she was screaming all sorts of obscenities as Raj's fucked her with his huge dark dick!

Raj was much more vocal than my wife and soon let her know when he was about to come. "Oh baby, I that tight cunt is gonna milk every drop of my come soon!, do you want it inside you”.

Jennifer wasn’t ready to let his finish, she said “no, no not yet”.

With that, Jennifer pulled herself from under Raj and got up on all fours facing directly at me. The doggy position was her favourite Raj positioned himself behind her and I was shocked to see Jennifer take his dick, leaving it at the entrance to her arse hole. Getting the hint he smiled and reached under her and ran his hand over her wet pussy, trying to absorb some of her moisture, he then ran it over her arse. Jennifer loves anal sex and shouted at me “give him our lube darling, do it now”.

I had to stop pleasuring myself, and got the lube form our bedside draw, I placed it in Raj’s hands.

Jennifer said “no you lube me darling you do it so well”.

To say that I was uncomfortable with this was an understatement, but I squeezed the tube and run it all around her opening, I pushed a couple of my fingers in, and was more than a bit liberal in applying it for obvious reasons.

All the time Raj’s cock was eagerly nudging towards her hole.

I sat back down intrigued and very excited to see how this was going happen.

Raj slowly plunged his dick in to my wife's arse. She let out a bloodcurdling scream as he entered her. I could see that Raj was having trouble getting in. Tears were streaming down Jennifer's face and her hands were clinging tightly to the bed sheets bracing herself from the pain she must have been feeling.

Raj was still trying to work his way into her, but wasn't having much luck. He wasn't able to get anymore than an inch or two into her. Finally Jennifer had had too much. "I can't. Stop! It hurts too much Raj, I am really sorry, please stop!" She cried.

To his credit Raj obliged her and pulled his cock out. When the last bit of his dick was out, my wife again let out a loud scream. She was still crying from the pain when Raj flipped her over onto her back.

He wiped his cock on the bed sheet and once again he thrust his cock deep into my wife, this time though, he didn't hesitate; he just slammed right into her, the full length just easily slid in. He grabbed her legs and threw them up over his shoulders as he slammed into her with abandon. Jennifer was screaming out, her voice filled with what appeared to be a mixture of pleasure and pain! there were tears pouring down her face. Raj stopped and wiped the tears away and asked “Are you okay, I haven’t hurt you have I”.

Jennifer replied "No Raj, just keep fucking me with that beautiful dick of yours, fuck me, fuck me!" She squealed.

Raj then did as he was asked.

Jennifer in a chorus like fashion just kept repeating “fuck, fuck, fuck” as Raj proceeded to bang the living day lights out of her.

Then without warning, Raj pulled his cock from my wife's pussy and blasted spurt after spurt of his come over Jennifer's belly. I had never seen so much come from one man! It looked like he had spilled milk on my wife there was so much come on her belly!, amazingly I hadn’t shot my load through out this and take Raj’s actions as a signal for me to do the same and for the first time I shot my load all over Jennifer’s face.

We all collapsed on the bed.

After a while Raj then kissed my wife. "Thanks for a great time, Jennifer! I need to go now" He told her.

Jennifer was too exhausted to even react and it was left for me to show Raj out, the bastard shook my hand saying in broken English “That lady of yours is one hell of a fuck, before you go home can I see you two again “.

I politely said “Let’s see how Jennifer feels in the morning”.

I went back to the bed and lay next to Jennifer, she looked absolutely wrecked, sighed and laughing said “Oh Paul, what have we done, that was just the most amazing night ever, you know that I am going to be addicted to this life style for ever now and I want to do this again before we go back home to reality”.