Written by john T

27 May 2007

We have been married for 12years my wife June who is 41 years old has always as I know never been with anyone else.She is 5 foot 7 inches tall slightly overweight after giving me two kids.She works part time just to get her out the house and to give her a bit of pocket money .We are not poor but not rich.June a few months ago decided to take up painting and started going to art classes in our local collage.She would bring back her paintings and they were super to say the least.One night she came home after class and was in a funny mood.I had asked what was wrong.She explained that Sam the art teacher had taken aside from the class and asked her if she would model for him.I did´nt think anything was wrong with that.But she went on to explain he wanted her to pose nude!.I was over the moon because I would a portrait of her semi nude just for me.I told her that I was OK with the idea but nobody else would see the portrait.She was´t to keen about it.I told her if she agreed she should model at home so she would feel comfortable.She said she would think it over for a few days and tell Sam her decision she said that if she went ahead that Sam speaks to me about her decision.The night came for her next class she was a bit more comfortable that we had discussed the situation.The following night I got a call from Sam he asked if I was in agreement with the arrangement that June modelled for him I told him what I told June that she could pose at home but no-one see´s the portrait when it´s finished.June did´nt tell me before about her posing.Sam said that a portrait would take about three or four sittings not knowing much about art I said OK.We had arranged that Sam should start on Friday afternoon when the kids are out the house and continue over the week end as we could leave the kids with the grand parents.Friday came and June was a bag of nerves to say the least!Sam turned up as arranged and spoke with June about how he would like her to pose but she must feel comfortable as she would remain in that position for some time.Sam is a 59 year old art teacher who retired a year ago after his wife passed away and he does night classes just to get some money.It was agreed that June should lay on our couch.She said first she wanted to shower and then we could get going she had a few glasses of wine to settle her.She asked if she should put make up on.Sam replied `why not`.So off she went and got showered while I had a conversation with Sam I myself was nervous but I could sense he fancied June.Half an hour later June came into the living room wear her dressing gown.I thought she was naked underneath looking great with her lightly made up face she asked how long this sitting would take Sam said he would like about an hour.So standing in front of both of us she let her dressing gown fall to the floor.Her breasts were on show but she had her knickers still on.I said that I thought this would be full nude.June rolled her eyes put her fingers in the waistband and pulled her knickers off.FANTASTIC!.She took her place on the couch she lay ed back with her legs tightly closed.Sam asked her to relax and put one leg on the floor and the other couch with her knees slightly bent.She reluctantly took up the position and then asked if she could put her arms above her head and close her eyes.Sam could see everything and I mean her hairy bush and her clitoris.Sam started to work on the portrait after half an Sam said we should stop as he had the basic outline.Sam turned up the next day and June felt more relaxed this time taking up her position as before.This time Sam took a lot longer on his work he explained that he will be finished the next day.I spoke to June that night about how she felt and she said that she never thought that she would ever show her body to another man and it made her feel sexy with the attention she was getting.In bed as I made love to June I said I wish Sam could do this to her she said me too.The next day Sam turned up June again took up her position and this time it was the final sitting.Sam got finished and did she look super.We sat together after the session drinking wine.June was tipsy and asked Sam what he thought of her.He said that she is a very sexy lady.June said that he should get naked and that she should paint him.He thought she was joking as I did but she meant it.June then asked if he had seen our bedroom.My jaw hit the floor.Off they both went to our bedroom I knew what was about to happen so I let them both go upstairs.I could hear them talking but couldn't´t hear what was being said. They were gone for about twenty minutes when I decided to see what was going on.The door was slightly open and here was Sam playing with Junes pussy.June was enjoying what was happening she saw me and beckoned me to join them which I did.Sam had his penis in Junes mouth while I fingered her.We both took turns on June in many positions and she loved it.She took it from behind then Sam on top.She was well and truly screwed by both of us.But this was the first time she had let a man put his erection in her mouth.What a night