13 Dec 2015

Three months ago my wife and I decided to drive to a lay by and have some sexy fun. My wife put on Black Stockings and Suspenders, Black Lacy knickers and Bra and her pretend Nurses' outfit. As I pulled in to a lay by another car pulled in behind me. My wife said "there's a car pulled in behind us" I answered "I know its my mate Simon". I got out and went over to him then he followed me back to my car. He got in the back and my wife said "Hiya Simon are you ok" he replied "Yes are you" she said "I feel so fucking horny". He looked down her dress at her big tits and took his shorts and pants off. My wife and I got into the back (wife in the middle) and I stripped naked. She grabbed our cocks and started to wank them slowly then she bent over and started sucking my mates cock. I fingered her pussy and arse. We all got out and my wife bent over and sucked my cock while Simon slipped his cock into her arse and fucked her. She loved it I filled her mouth full of cum and Simon filled her arse with cum. That night she said to me "next week I want Simon to come over and I want you to lick, kiss then suck his cock" I replied "if's that what you want then I will" so we're just waiting for him to get back from Oz x