Written by star 69

4 Oct 2009

My wife works as a receptionist for a small company. She had been having sex with her boss for a number of years with my consent. He is married with a couple of kids, but always said his sex drive was too much for his wife. He is a very handsome man, you can tell he looks after himself by going to the gym and working out. Over the years I have been allowed to watch him fuck my wife, and if I’m lucky I’ve been instructed to clean her creamed cunt and arse in front of him, which I absolutely love, and I’m sure he .

Just recently my wife has been asking if I’d ever thought about having anal sex. At first I thought she meant me giving it to her as I knew how much she enjoyed taking it from Tom. It turns out the Tom has suggested that he wanted to fuck me in the arse while she watch, and in a case of role reversal he wanted to see her lick his cum from my hole.

I was instantly shocked, I had honestly never thought about taking a cock up my arse, but my dick became rigid in an instant which also surprised me.

With that she said she smiled and said she would sort something out. She sent Tom a text to explain that she mentioned it to me and that I had seemed eager. He sent one back telling her that he wanted me to wear stockings and a pair of her black satin knickers for the next time he came round.

Friday night soon came round and Tom was due at 7. I was very nervous, which my wife found amusing. I’d been told to shave my pubes, which my wife assisted with to make sure I was totally bald. She helped to make sure the stocking and panties looked good, and I could tell she was becoming aroused.

Tome arrived bang on time with a couple of bottles of wine. My wife let him in and showed him through. He smiled when he saw me, and commented on my obvious hard on through the knickers. He went through to the kitchen with my wife and poured 3 glasses of wine. As we sat there chatting we all began to relax, and I almost forget that I was sat there in knickers and stockings.

After a couple more glasses, out of the blue Tom took his cock out and started to stroke it. With that he told me to go over and sit next to him. He let go of his thick cock and put his hand on the back of my head. I was about to suck the first cock of my life! I took it in a far as I could and he let out a groan of pleasure. I took his swollen helmet out and licked the front of his shaft which he loved.

If you want to hear how the rest of the night went please let me know.