Written by Matt Harrington

24 Jun 2016

My wife Julia is 5ft 10 tall with long fair hair. She is 55 years old but looks younger .Her best assets are her36 dd boobs which she likes to display by wearing low cut dresses. My friend Jason fancies her like the clappers and invited us both to a party his friend was holding in which her knew a lot of swinging would take place. Julia dressed up for this party in a very short minidress and a push up bra which displayed to the full her breasts.

At the party drinks were flowing and Julia was dancing with a black guy called Wayne who after a few dances became very tactile towards her and I noticed kisses take place. He suggested a break and a drink and Julia and he went outside to the garden. His hands were all over her bum as they walked. At the back of the garden was a shelter with a bench and after Julia did not come back after an hour I went to look for her. I could hear her voice and fond her lying naked on a bench with Wayne fucking her hard. It was clear she enjoyed his very long thrusts and as I watched she came to orgasm and held Wayne close kissing him passionately. Jason recovered quickly and was soon fucking her again . She tried to dress but her demanded more and to my horror two of his friends appeared who also wanted Julia .She took them both one after another by which time Wayne had recovered and fucked her once more. She ignored me and left the party with Wayne only to return to our home two days later to pack her clothes before leaving me. I only now see her on the street always with another guy Matt