Written by Chris

31 May 2018

My wife Clare, is a twin and not a normal twin, she and her sister are super identical twins which means that there is very little that tells them apart. Their parents said that they had trouble telling them apart (and still do) when they dressed the same. Melody was the one always getting into trouble and often blamed Clare for it.

I married Clare nearly 15 years ago, I was 25 and she was just 22. Clare had a lovely figure, nice 36D boobs and long black hair - her sister was identical in every way, except for the fact that Melody had had her appendix removed when she was 13 and apparently had a scar on her stomach from the operation.

I have always gotten on with Melody, and will admit that there has always been a bit of sexual tension between us. I suppose if you love one super identical twin, then your bound to love the other - can you actually tell which is which?

Melody had had a serious of boyfriends, some were good, most were the undesirable kind you don't bring home.

On the night of our 4th anniversary, Clare and I were in bed having just had another fantastic sex session, when she said that she was pregnant, we were so please. Three days later, I came home from work just after 1 pm as usual to find her sitting naked in the lounge, she said she came home early because she felt really horny - she said it must be the change in her hormones due the pregnancy, and wanted to fuck. We spent the afternoon fucking on the lounge floor.

I have always been able to repeat my performance, but she seemed extra horny and wanted my cum more than the usual twice. The first time she insisted that I took her doggy style, she has never really liked this position but said that she felt so horny she wanted to try it that way. The second time she took it missionary style.

On the third session, she told me to lay on my back as she sat astride me and slide up and down my cock. Her beautiful body moving up and down, her beautiful tits bouncing as she bounced up and down on my shaft. I had been playing with her tits as she said that she was cummin again, then she increased her speed as and I said that I was cummin too. As I came I ran my hands down her body to her stomach and then noticed the scar on the right side of her stomach, too late - I came for a third time inside her!

I immediately pushed her off and jumped up, she lay on the floor with a smile on her face and said 'was I as good as my sister?'

I threw her clothes at her and told her to get dressed and leave.

Clare got home from work as usual around 6, I didn't know what to say. I heard her say 'Did Melody come?'

All I said was 'what do you mean?', Clare said 'I asked her to come round this morning while the boiler was fixed'

All I said was 'yes, she was here'.

For the next couple of weeks I didn't know what to do or say, I loved my wife but I had been unfaithful to her with her sister.

Some weeks later Clare said to me 'Melody phoned me this morning, she said she thinks she's pregnant as well as she missing her period. That'll be good, our baby will have someone to grow up with' then she said 'I wonder if Mike is the dad, or that other guy she's been seeing'

'What other guy' I asked, then Clare said 'she won't tell me his name, just that she had a one off fling with someone else'

On Clare's 12th week we went for the scan and it showed twins (apparently there's a very high chance of a twin having twins). Clare was so happy. A month after the scan, Melody called Clare and broke the news that she was having twins too.

Clare was so excited. As her pregnancy progressed, Clare became increasingly more interested in sex and wanted to be fucked nearly every night.

On day Melody called me and said 'can I come round when you get home' I asked why and she just said she wanted to talk.

I got home by 1 pm and 15 minutes later Melody arrived, she was wearing a summer dress that showed off her bump. She sat down and said 'I'm sorry I tricked you, but I wanted a baby and became jealous when Clare got pregnant'

I had to ask 'am I the father or Mike' (she and Mike split when he found she was pregnant). All she said was 'I'm not sure'.

The she said 'I know that you love to fuck Clare when she's pregnant' (I did tell Clare that that was a fantasy I had), she then said 'can you fuck me, I'm so desperate for a cock'.

I just said 'you're fucking joking', and went to the kitchen for a drink. When I came back in Melody was sitting on the sofa naked, her dress on the floor. She said 'If you don't I'll tell Clare that you go me pregnant'.

All I could say was 'just once, then never again'. She agreed.

We fucked doggy fashion, she came, then I shot my load into her and she left.

Months later when Clare delivered, we had two beautiful girls. Nearly 2 months later Melody delivered - two girls and they looked almost identical to mine and Clare's daughters, it wasn't hard to work out who the father was. Melody kept her word and didn't say anything, Clare never asked any questions, although one night in bed she did tell me a story about her old boyfriend and her sister, she said she came home and found them in bed, her boyfriend said that he swore that Melody was Clare and didn't know it wasn't. Clare said that Melody did have a habit of pretending to be her, especially when they were at school and with Clare's boyfriends.

Clare said that she forgave her boyfriend as it wasn't his fault. Then she left it at that and turned the light off.

So since then, I've always wondered if she suspected what had happened.

But she never said another word.