Written by mandy's girl

31 Jan 2016

you horny sods...

As promised this weekend's experience.

As usual , was dressed to flirt , no knickers , but this time my skirt was higher , right upto my thighs and even longer high heels. However after my last weekend mind blowing experience , I spent most eveninings with Mandy and enjoyed been licked , sucked and fucked with multiple cums.

Her husband , Albert was due to arrive on Saturday afternoon , so I wanted to make our last night enjoyable. On Friday evening , I found Mandy in her stockings , on her bed waiting for me. I started to snog her , my hands pushing on her pussy and with a little of teasing started to finger her . She was very horny , so she pushed her legs further apart for greater entry . I pushed two and then three fingers in her , whilst biting her thick and erected nipples. I was stripped naked , positioned my self into a scissor position and then started to rub my wet pussy all over hers. She was moaning , and I love pleasing her. As she was pushing up , I was pushing down and grinding her hard in circular motions.

Mandy wanted to be fucked , so using the starpon , I entered her from our scissor position , one of her legs lifted and resting on my shoulder .

'Harder and Harder' she commanded . I pushed it deeper and faster . It wasn't enough , so I bent her over , raised her hips and entered Mandy's horny pussy deep . Holding her with both hands , started to fuck her hard . She was heavily panting , until I felt her tense up and with an almighty scream she had cum. I took out the strap on and made her lick her own juices .

After snogging , she went down on me and licked me to cum .

We had to open up and she promised my treats later . As before I was stroked and fingered several times behind the bar. Due to the wet weather , it wasn't busy . So enjoyed Mandy in me , longer and more often.

After lock up , we were up in the bed and this time, Mandy started to kiss me all over . She then started to kiss my bum, then licked my arse hole . That was amazing , fingering at the same time . She asked if i wanted it up the arse , I replied 'yes'..

I was licked , very lubricated and then Mandy pushed her dildo slowly in my hole. It hurt a bit , but then she pushed it a bit deeper and started to fuck me. Wow it was amazing . I started to rub my own clit for extra sensation and entry .

It wasn't long before i was fully entered and fucked by Mandy . 'I want you all the time' she kept saying .

I was rubbing my clit faster and faster until I felt my legs go jelly and had the wonderful feeling of an orgasm.

We after a glass of wine , made each other cum again with our double ended dildo.

I met Albert on Saturday evening , a real hunk . All 6ft 2, really well built and toned, aged 42. He had been aware of us fucking and on Saturday night , he watched us play , while sitting on a chair and exposing himself with an enormous 8inch cock . I was so turned on with this scenerio , I had mutiple orgasms by Mandy taking control and showing Albert how much I love been fucked by her .

Albert eventually could not hold himself back and while Mandy was licking me, he began to fuck her behind . He came so quickly with his spunk over all Mandy's pussy . After she licked /fingered me to cum . I licked her's with Albert cum in her . He tasted so nice . He began to wak himself again on the chair .

I left early hours of today and I knew he will be fucking Mandy all morning .

Albert's cock and Mandy's tongue at the same time would be so nice... Let's see !!

I think this should be the last part, unless u guys really want to tell more ....