Written by Jenny

17 Apr 2015

I've just returned from a great holiday in Turkey. I'm Jenny and I'm 5'6" with 36c boobs a good figure and blonde. My hubby is Graham he's 6'1" and quite fit for his age. We went on holiday with friends Sally and John. Sally is 5'2" rather plump but a really bubbly personality. John is 5'8" athletic looking with a permanent tan.

We arrived at the hotel late in the evening, had a snack and went to bed. The next morning I was down to the pool before hubby as I always like swim before breakfast. John was already in the pool and we were the only 2 there. The rest of the day we lounged about and soaked up the sun and had a few drinks. After dinner we decided to stay in the hotel and see what the entertainment was like. It turned out to be quite good. We had a fair amount to drink and we were up a lot dancing. I was dancing to a slow number with John and we spoke about the morning swim. He asked if I realised that between 7.00am and 8.00am the pool was open for nude swimming. Interesting.

We all went to bed and I couldn't help thinking about swimming in the nude with John. I decided to set the alarm for 6.30 the following morning. I woke to the alarm and went for a shower. I decided to shave my pubes before going down to the pool. Once again the pool was empty except for John swimming away on his own. I noticed John had put his towel by the pool steps and put his trunks on top. I put towel next to his and took of my swimmer, then went down into the pool. John was now swimming towards me, he said he was surprised to see me and had I left my swimmer off. I said I had and he smiled. He said that he loved swimming naked as it gave him the feeling of being free. He asked if I'd ever tried it before, which I had to admit I hadn't. He said the best feeling is to just float on your back with your eyes closed and did exactly that. I'd been looking at his tanned body all day yesterday, but now I saw his manhood as well. It was a strange feeling being there with our friend who was now floating there totally naked. He said that I should give it a try and I'd love it. I did as he suggested and found that I was feeling turned on by the whole experience. I was floating right next to him and our shoulders were touching.

He was obviously glancing over at me, when he said that I had a great figure and that my hubby was a lucky guy. I stupidly acknowledged his comment and said that Sally was also a lucky girl. He then said we should have a look at the sauna. We swam over to the steps and John got out first and started walking to the sauna. After getting out of the pool, I was just about to pick up my swimmer and towel when John told me just to leave it where it was. I did as he said and followed him to the sauna. He opened the door and motioned me in. It was a large sauna with long stepped benches and wasn't too hot but was pretty dark. I went up onto the middle bench and lay down. John was standing on the lower bench and started to run his hand over my stomach, saying how flat it was, unlike his wife who liked her food to much. I was laying with my eyes closed and didn't object when his hands moved downwards and had his hand between my legs. I automatically opened them and within seconds his fingers were pushing into my newly shaved pussy. I came with minutes of his attention and my hole was soaking wet. He moved up above me and soon had his cock inside me and was slowly pumping away. It felt great and I had no feeling of guilt while we were doing it or afterwards. He came inside me finally after I'd at least 3 fabulous orgasms.

We recovered and returned to the pool where we cleaned ourselves up in the water and put on our swimwear before we got out.

We went back to our respective spouses and we all met shortly after for breakfast.

The rest of the week, we managed to do some amazing things.