Written by Naked

11 Sep 2013

We own our own business and had just endured a few weeks of working seven days a week long into the evenings to meet the demand of orders, needless to say during this time sex had taken a backseat as we were both exhausted when we finally fell into bed. When work returned to a manageable level and we were able to leave it to the staff to cope, we decided to take a well earned break, we went online and booked a small villa not too far from the beach in Gran Canaria.

The first few days of our holiday were relaxing and with the sun and freedom from work we were both insatiable and literally couldn't keep our hands off each other, hubby loves a tanned body and I was soon reaping the rewards of spending a few hours a day on the nudist beach, he knows how much I love to give head and would start the day off by demanding a blow job as he had his morning shower, this was usually followed by a steamy session before we left the house in the mornings.

We went to the same small beach each day that was mainly used by the Canarians, usually we would strip off and lay out in the open, but one day it was quite windy so I suggested we lay in the dunes for shelter, we nodded hello to a local guy who we had seen before, he was always naked and I would have had to have been blind not to have noticed the size of his cock.

I lay back enjoying the warmth of the sun on my body when hubby tapped my hand and whispered to me that our 'friend' was standing to my left with a stonking hard on, I made out I was adjusting my sunbathing position and with sunglasses on I was able to sneak a look without him knowing, OMG I knew he was big, but had never seen a cock as big as he had, I immediately felt aroused with that familiar warm tingling between my legs, loving the fact he was watching me and I had been the cause of his erection, I decided I was going to keep him interested and proceeded to slowly rub lotion onto my nipples and between my thighs, opening my legs to do so, hubby caught on to what I was doing and turned over onto his front so as to hide his own hardening cock and make our friend feel less inhibited, I looked at the guy (who we now know as Juan) and smiled, he smiled back and sat down in the dune opposite, I laid back down with my legs bent, feet flat on the sand about two foot apart, and continued to brush (imaginary) sand off my body and wiggle my bottom into the sand as if making myself more comfortable, I knew he was slowly wanking and was whispering a running commentary to hubby who had his back to him.

Over the years we have shared our fantasies and very often during sex hubby would tell me how much he would love to see another man fuck me and I'd go along with it, telling him how good it would feel to have a strangers cock inside me while he watched, I didn't for one minute think it would ever happen, however, unbeknown to me hubby had a little plan..............

'A' (hubby) turned over and sat up looking straight over to the guy, who immediately stopped wanking and looked away, obviously expecting to be told to fuck off, but to both his and my surprise 'A' whistled to him, pointed at me and then lay back down on his towel, he told me to lay as I was and wait and see what happened, after a few minutes a shadow fell across me and Juan stood between my legs, he probably wasn't sure what he was and wasn't allowed to do so just sat down between my legs looking at me, another few minutes went by before 'A' whispered to me to continue to do what I was doing before, I reached down between my legs as if to brush something off me when Juan caught hold of my hand and with the back of his other hand slowly and gently wiped over the outside of my lips a couple of times, I was so aroused I lifted my bottom off my towel and felt his finger running back up from my bum to my clit, 'A' was by now up on his elbows watching while Juan opened my lips and inserted first one, then two fingers with his ring finger pushing against my bum hole, he found my G spot and proceeded to finger fuck me until I was about to cum, my moaning must have told him I was getting very close because he stopped what he was doing and suddenly clamped his mouth against my pussy giving me the most fantastic orgasm, I was bucking onto his face, his tongue darting in and out of my hole along my slit and around my arsehole before coming back to taste more of me, his stubble rubbing against my tender clit, a couple more smaller orgasms shuddered through my body prolonging the intense feelings I was lucky enough to be having, eventually he stopped eating me, looked up and said 'delicious' he then moved to my left hand side where he positioned himself for me to wank him, he came over my boobs, rubbed it all over me, then licked it off, nibbling my hard erect nipples.

We shared a drink and a pigeon English chat with Juan before he went home and we went back to our villa for the most amazing sex, going over what had just happened, 'A' pointed out that we hadn't quite lived out our fantasy, but I pointed out to him, we had almost two more weeks of relaxing in the sun...................and we got there in the end, but that's another story or two!