Written by c & dee

15 May 2008

Right this happened when i was 18, its a totally true story and i still get horny just thinkin about it now, I was living with my parents at the time and our next door neighbours were real party animals always off out and partying when they got home, well this one friday night, Rob the next door neighbour came round and asked if i would babysit for there 3 yr old. He said his mate was getting married and he would be going to the stag party and his wife was off out of town for the hen night, so could i babysit till the morning as they were both staying in a hotel. I was a little strapped for cash so i agreed. Said id be round in half an hour. So half an hour later i went round, he wasnt really my type but i must admit he looked a bit yummy all dressed up and smelt gr8, so off they both went leavin me loadsa money and said they didnt mind if i had a freind round, so i called my freind Dee and we both settled down to a dvd and a bottle of wine, well the wine got us both a little giddy and we started noseying thru there dvd collection, and came across some blank ones so we tried them out, ooohhh lots of really hardcore porn, we were lovin it, so watched a few then even tried out some of the weird positions they were doing, fully clothed of course, lol......... Anyway it was around 2am and we were still watchin porn, both led on the floor with our cute little night clothes on, when the door flung open and in walked a very drunk Rob and around 10 of his mates from the stag party, he explained they had all been kicked out the hotel for fighting and said they would all have to stay at his, Well me and dee were eachother all giggly, still typsy from the wine and thinkin, mmmmm these guys are a bit of allright, so i got up and offered to make drinks for the guys, so off i popped into the kitchen, leaving dee led on the floor with the porno still on giggling and not knowing where to look, 10 mins later i reappeared to find dee giving one of the guys a blowjob right there on the floor infront of 10 others, i was gobsmacked but thought, i want some of this, so i said right boys whos nxt, lol, all of them chirped up me me me me, even the groom, nughty boy, so i said im sure we can get round to u all in time, well that really got them going, everyone started to strip, and i knelt down to take this really cute guys cock into my mouth it grew instantly in my mouth and was huge, he started being really rough, grabbing a hand full of hair and really choking me with his cock, i was loving it, and the others were cheering him on. Then all of a sudden i felt another guy behind me, lifting my nighty, and he literally ripped my thong right off me, it bloody hurt aswell, but i wasnt stopping him, i felt really horny after watching all the porn so i was well up for it. this guy behind gently pushed his cock inside me, it felt soo tight as id only had full intercourse with 2 other guys before but also felt amazing. then as i was moaning with pleasure the guy in my mouth shot so much cum down my throat i nearly choked on it. So as he had finished the guy fucking me pulled out and sat on the sofa lifted me off the floor and sat me on his cock, he was really strong, i hardly had to do anything as he was lifting me up and down on his cock, i could see dee was loving every minute of it and told the groom to go over and fuck her from behind, so he didnt need telling twice, hes over with his cock up her in seconds, now she was really noisy, i had to keep telling her to be quiet as my parents would hear next door but she couldnt help it, neither could i, i was loving every minute of it, Well anyway 10 minutes in and i had sat on 2 guys cocks, both of them shot there loads inside me and i was dripping with cum, it was all down my legs and everywhere, so i said i was gonna go and clean up then id be back for more, but oh no, dee had other ideas, she pushed me back on the sofa, spread my legs and started licking up my thigh then deep into my pussy swallowing all the cum that was there, ( we had never been bi before now) but she felt amazing as she knew exactly where to put her tongue, i was moaning really noisily now, and knew i was about to cum one of the guys held me down and i felt someones hand parting my arse cheeks, then he slides 2 fingers in my ass, Fuckkkkkkkk i had the most intense orgasm there and then, i squirted allover dees face and she licked it all up, oh my god, i had never felt that way before and it drove me wild, so after a few seconds of twitching i stood up and said right boys not one of u is leaving till u have all fucked both of us, so side by side me and dee knelt on the sofa legs spread while one by one the guys took it in turn to fuck us, it was absolutely amazing, both of us grinning at eachother while we were being fucked really hard by 10 guys, all old enough to be our dads lol, and everyone of them were big guys, i felt like id been abused and i loved that feeling. by the time we were done, it was 7.30 in the morning, i was absolutely worn out so me and dee crept next door an snuggled into my bed, both giggling to each other, we both agreed it was the best naughtiest night of our lives. she even gave me a snog there and then, and that was the start of me being bisexual, shes such a sexy little thing, we still play together now, and love every minute of it. Anyway later that day i was out in the garden sunbathing and recovering from my hectic night when rob popped his head over the garden fence, he said, that he had the most amazing night and the groom had the best stag party ever, And said we must do it again sometime, i just giggled and said maybe then he was gone, a few months later they moved out and i havent seen them since but what a night to remember hey.... such a naughty little babysitter xxxxxx