28 Mar 2016

So I was a delivery driver at a hotel on the works Xmas do. One of the drivers was a complete muppet and this night wasn't any different. He got so drunk I had to help him to his hotel room with the help of his wife Lisa. She was really pissed off with him, so I was extra nice to her as she was not a bad looking bird and I thought she might want some fun.

So me and Lisa went down stairs to the party and got a drink. She got quite pissed and started telling me how crap Paul was in bed and she hadn't had an orgasm in all the time shed been with Paul. I couldn't help myself, I told her I always wait for the girl to cum before I do. I told her I love giving the girl oral sex to completion, I could tell she was getting quite horny with the chat as she started getting very close to me and asking me more x-rated questions. I'd noticed that the rest of my work mates had noticed how well we were getting on so I asked Lisa if she fancied going somewhere quiet to finish the conversation, she agreed and went to the lobby where I met her 5 minutes later. We agreed to go for a walk but it was to cold so we came back in and went into this big room just beside the reception. We sat down opposite each other and started chatting, lights weren't on but we could see each other from the lights from outside. I could see she was wearing stockings under her dress, and she wasn't hiding that as she sat with her legs slightly open. She could see I was looking up her skirt and gave me a smile and asked if I was enjoying the view. I agreed and asked if I could see more, she agreed. I got down on my knees and parted her legs and started caressing her thighs to which she lifted her bum off the seat and pulled her dress off her bum, at the same time I pulled her knickers away from her pussy. She had a very hairy pussy, I had to fight thru the pubes to get to her lips and clit. I leant forward and started licking her clit whilst I started fingering her pussy. She was on the edge of the seat and rubbing her pussy into my face, then she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it against her pussy, it wasn't long before she was making a lot of noise and groaning, with a big groan she shuddered and came in my face, it was a lot of cum. I licked it all up and pulled my head away.

I asked her to stand up and let me fuck her from behind, she agreed then took her dress off. As I entered into her I started fucking her nice and slow, it felt so nice fucking her, I grabbed her hair and started pulling it in time with my thrusts. She was loving it and even asked to pull her hair harder so I did. I was really fucking her now and close to cumming. I didn't want to cum so soon so I leant over and started playing with her tits to detract me from cumming. She had a big pair of tits which we're great to feel. Anyway I couldn't wait any more so I shot my load inside of her. When my last drop had gone in her I withdrew ans stepped back, Lisa turned around got on her knees and started sucking my cock dry, she had a mouth like a Hoover. She sucked on my cock until it went limp. When she finished we both got dressed and left without saying a word.

A few weeks after the Xmas season was over Paul came to work and told everyone his wife had left him for another man shed been seeing for a year, top bird!!!