Written by Extratime

17 Mar 2016

Hi I’m Jim and yes 76 years of age, I have posted a three stories so far about how lucky I have been over the last couple of months with my Neighbour Alison who is 50 years of age, well here goes for my last instalment, on Tuesday 15th Alison invited me to go around Wednesday around 11am she said she would update me on her husband coming home for lunch the other week after I had my fuck with her, so on Wednesday hoping my luck would be in again I popped one of my blue tablets and went around.

Alison offered me coffee and she proceeded to tell me that when her Husband came home after receiving a text from her saying she had flashed her pussy to me, he was horny as hell and not knowing what we had done and she had not cleaned herself from my cum he proceeded to Shag her and was asking what do you think I saw and how very wet she was, he was very excited that I told him that you must of seen all my pussy at its best all shaved, I asked her what else did you say to him, and Alison’s reply was that I told him that She had opened her legs wide enough that it was basically an offer not to be missed, but I did not take advantage, she the said that her husband asked if she would do anything with me and she replied mm yes possible and her husband said we will need to set up if you want she replied yes maybe with that she said he shot his load in her, on that I asked if I could have a little kiss and she said come on and led me upstairs, on entering the bedroom Alison took off her top and her beautiful tits there on display I kissed one of her nipples and she said lets get undressed and on the bed, I removed my shirt while she removed he trousers and panties I took of the rest of my clothes and she said have you taken anything, of course I said with her replying I can tell there I was standing to attention , she took my cock into her sweet lips ad proceeded to suck me off, after a couple of minuets or so I asked her if a could do something that I had been thinking of over the last week or so, she said yes of course so I asked her to kneel up on the bed and I got behind her and started to lick her arse, she moaned a little saying that was nice and I started to stick my tongue in and out of her beautiful arse hole and finger lovely shaved pussy after about 5 minuets of moaning Alison came and asked me to fuck her, I obliged and came up behind her, I decided that it would be best if I stood on the floor moved her to the edge of the bed on her knees and pushed my cock into her, I started to fuck her and asked if she was going to tell her husband what we had done, she replied that she would suggest that he invited me around at some point for drinks if he wanted her to go further with me and see if any thing happened she said I have always fancied a threesome, with that I shot my load into her pussy, I stayed in her and my spunk and her cum dribble out of her pussy all over the laminated floor, that would be nice if you let it dry and stain the floor, with that she gave a cheeky laugh rolled over and said she may. We sat on the bed talking for a few minuets and I dressed and went home.