Written by AW

19 Jan 2016

Hi all. I’m Andrew. I,m 25 and I am an instructor with a large IT company. My job means I live in hotels 2 weeks out of every 3 which is fine because the pay is good and I don’t have to cook. Its also good because I get to fuck someone new every week or so. When you in hotels as much as I am you meet women who want a bit of company. They’re usually about my age or a little older but the one time that really gives me a hard on thinking about it was a woman who turns out to be 55.

She was very plain looking with a few extra pounds but big tits. I’m in the lounge writing reports about the day’s events when I notice 5 or 6 women looking at me and giggling. They all appeared to be between 45 and 65 so must have been on a girls only hotel stay. The woman I’m talking about wasn’t laughing, in fact she looked quite stern and not at all impressed with whatever they were saying. As time went on they got a little tipsy and brave so one came up to me and asked if I fancied a ‘fondle’ with her friends (the stern one). I made a joke about being too busy otherwise I would.

After a good while they left without the friend. She comes over to me to apologise for them and we get talking. She’s not my type at all. I usually got for the pretty, leggy hell of a body blond not the 55 year old very plain big boobed old as my mother woman. After a while she told me that her and her husband never have sex and she misses being fondled. Apparently the others think its funny. I wasn’t sure why the hell she was telling me, a total stranger this but what the hell.

After a few minutes of listening to her complaints about her husband I get up to leave. As a joke I said that if she didn’t’ get a ‘fondle’ in the next half hour come up and see me. She asked my room number and like an idiot I told her. Half an hour later I’m brushing my teeth when there’s a knock on the door and there is my new ‘friend’. She could see by the look on my face that I wasn’t impressed and went red then she told me that she thought I meant it when she was to come up. I honestly felt sorry for her so asked her to come in and went to finish brushing.

I told her she was nice but not my type. She looked embarrassed and said ‘ so not even a hug’?

Not thinking straight I said ‘ of course’ and put my arms around her and we hugged. She actually asked if I would touch her a little bit. Not sure what she meant I pulled back and looked at her.

She took my hand and placed it on her breast. By now I was thinking ‘ bunny boiler’ but with her other hand she squeezed my cock, which I have to admit was quite hard. She massaged it for a minute or so I had a good feel of her tits. Then she stops, pulls off her top and unclips her bra. Now I’m standing in front of a topless, total stranger. She takes my hand and puts it on her breast again asking me to ‘squeeze her; her nipples were fucking hard as nails.

As I’m doing this she undoes the buttons on my jeans and pulls out my nob. By now I’m seriously hard but thinking I was just going to get tossed off I lifted her heavy breast and had a good suck. That was it, she started squeeling before getting onto her knees and taking me as deep into her mouth as she could, to the point that she was choking but giving me a good blow job.

Being the gentleman I am I warned her I was going to cum in her mouth so she stops, gets up, pulls down her skirt and pretty much begs me to fuck her. So what’s a guy to do.

Within seconds she was on her back on the bed and my cock was inside her hairy pussy and fuck did I bang her. The sight of her tits swaying as I pounded her was amazing, I put her on her knees and fucker her doggy style before shoving my cock in her mouth then put her on her back and slid back into her. To be fair her pussy was a lot tighter than I expected. We must have fucked for an hour and all the time she’s squeeling begging me not to stop and then when I warned her I was going to cum and started to pull out (no condom) she clamps her legs round me and holds me tight pleading for me to cum inside her. So I did, I had the most amazing cum ever I must have filled her as she shook and squealed, squeezing her tits begging me to keep going. But I was knackered and had to stop, I pulled out and let the last drop squirt onto her impressive tits and then we just lay there knackered.

She stayed and we fell asleep, I was woken up by her playing with my knob which was hard again and I let her rid it for a while. Then in the morning dragged her to the shower for what I thought was one last fuck. This time she let me cum in her mouth.

Then she was gone. Her and her mates had breakfast and then left. I have no idea who she is but she gave me the best fucking of my life so as they say, never judge a book by its covers.

p.s Now I have a thing about older women.