Written by Lin

1 Dec 2017

I almost didn't write this , as we ended up making love as a posed to fucking and making love is private .So I will tell about the sex and stop when it became something more .

Eating and drinking together was lovely . I found out Paul is divorced ,too much time spent at work . He has no children and has lost both parents . Like me he enjoys his new found freedom and is no fool .he did two years at uni . Before dropping out to return to the real world . He is five years younger than me .

When we had finished eating after a decent interval I suggest we could take the drinks upstairs . Paul didn't bother with the drinks ,instead he picked me up as if I were a feather and carried me upstairs .

He found the bedroom ,I had left a bedside light on ,and set me down . I let my robe drop and standing in just my heels told him that what he saw was his to enjoy . I think he was trembling as he looked at me . I wiggled my breasts ,they are heavy and swing a lot when free . He asked me to do it again so I did but more . " Don't hurt yourself " he said . Instead of answering I went up to him ,took his hands , put his fingers on my nipples and squeezed . "That should give you a clue as to what I like " Paul kissed me long and slow and when we had stopped we were on the bed ,me on my back and being fucked by this wonderful man . I could feel the power of him as he thrust into me .I pulled my knees up and spread them so he could slam straight onto my cunt . I don't know what his thoughts were but I felt as if he was getting rid of a lot of anger as he fucked or raped me . I honestly thought the bed would break ,he was panting ,I was moaning ,dribbling and ,I found out later ,peeing . Finally he emptied into me and collapsed on me .I held him ,streaked his hair and kiss him gently .

Paul rolled off me and we held each other and talked , private .

He went down stairs returning with glasses and a bottle ,which we saw off in no time .

"I think it's playtime now . Why don't you give this old whore what she is gagging for ? " was my subtle suggestion .

Paul said he would be delighted to oblige and locked his mouth onto a nipple . He sucked until I thought it was coming off and then did the same to the other . He then slapped a breast to watch it sway .It hurt ,but I stretched my arms out sideways as a message to him . Using both hands he had them bouncing around , making them bright red ,only stopping when he decided to make use of his huge erection .

We started off missionary again ,but soon I was turned over and pulled to my knees . I could feel him up against my womb as he thrust into me .he used my poor breasts as grab handles to give himself more thrust ,but just as I thought It was too much he withdrew , pulled me flat and pushed into my arse . I was crushed under him and he then lifted my hair and bit my neck . He sucked hard and I knew I was going to have a love bite which would last for days . "If you want me to look a wreck then do a good job " I said and with that he came out of me rolled me on my back and proceeded to give me two large bites either side of my neck . I was then returned to face down with him up my arse . It was if he was trying to obliterate all traces of those who had gone before him . This is my arse done for big time I thought before giving myself to the complete body orgasm I felt enveloping me .

He came with a shudder and again collapsed on me . We lay for a long time before he started to withdraw ."No stay " I said ,but he said he needed to pee . "Still stay ,but grab a handful of tissue to plug me when you have finished . He said it was a first for him "and me " I replied and he reached to get a big handful of tissues and then I felt his warm piss emptying into me .

Well plugged I cuddled up to him before he went to get more wine and I emptied out and showered .

Returning to bed we cuddled and talked ,private , before making love and then talking about the future , private .