2 Sep 2017

Hmmm so I find myself in a bizarre but good place.

Yes I've played a wee bit. Yes I've fantasized about sexual encounters with more than one person. And yes I've always wanted to eat fanny.

But i never thought it would happen. We have always been open. We'd been together 8 years when we first tried one of "those" clubs and it was, well basically sticky. It was still good but I didn't want to touch anyone else and the idea of just wanking and fucking, for others to watch , in a funky lit room was still enough to add to my fantasies.

We had played a bit on beaches where my brilliant husband kept me safe and enabled me to get covered in come more than once - 3 simultaneous spunkings being our best (Yes he was one of the 3), achieved more than once.

But last Saturday we tried a club I had found, one with a bar, dance floor and hot tub.

I was terrified to walk in and held his hand tight. We ordered drinks and sat and chatted just watching. The men were dressed up, shirts ties etc. The ladies were lovely, wearing tiny weeny dresses, or just lingerie. I wore a short white dress, not tight but clingy enough so that it wouldn't take a detective to figure out that the dress, and some high sandals were all i had on. I am v slim with longish legs and long hair. G is tall and strong.

The sofas were low so I flashed my fanny at the couple opposite and watched them both sink down in their sofa to see better.

There was food and one couple came to get theirs fresh from the hot tub wearing towels. At that point I knew I needed to be in the water.

We ditched our clothes in the lockers and i exposed my tiny but perky breasts to the world and walked into the hot tub. It wasn't empty. There was a threesome as the first people we moved past: 2 ladies and one man and I could see hands and mouths on breasts and a rythym to their movements, especially the arm of one lady. Then a couple kissing deeply, her sat on his lap facing him. Another couple chatting and laughing. As I found a spot I looked around some more, the music was good. I could see another 2 couples intertwined and moving rapidly on one of the beds and before i sat down my fanny was burning. We found a seat. The water was buoyant. As soon as you sat down your body floated. I touched myself again as I sat down and started kissing G, I was so horny my eyes and ears couldn't process it. G touched me, I was wet, even under water, I spotted a girl at the end of the hot tub wanking and watching us, she was actually my perfect type and that kind of shit never happens. She was calm and horny just chilling and wanking, whilst her other half got a drink of water, she was small but curvy with big boobs, small nipples, wide hips, skin that looked so soft and a lovely pixie face with kissable lips. I was so horny i knew a couple more tiny strokes would push me over the edge, I stuck two fingers deep in myself, spread my legs so everyone could see, and nudged my clit over the edge. I came buckets and tried not to float away or drown, G was a massive help here keeping me afloat enough.

G and i got more frantic and soon we were fucking, which was finally beginning to scratch my horny itch. At that point g whispered to me "look to your side, you have a fan" - the couple at our end of the hot tub (he was back now) were watching but she in particular was hooked.they moved closer and we locked eyes. I could feel my fanny flood as a wash of pleasure ran over me. She looked so fucking horny as she gazed into my eyes. I wanted to touch her. I reached towards her breast with a questioning hand and was told yes in a nod and a smile. I've never touched a tit like that before, I had my mouth on her nipple in an instant and forgot all about being fucked, or needing to breathe. I kissed her, she kissed back it was so so different to a guy, gentler, wetter but so sexy I was screaming inside. I traced my hands down her incredible skin to those stunning hips. I was lost for I don't know how long. I looked at g and he was happy and also gave me the nod.

By this point I was sat on her lap looking out of the hot tub at writhing couples, her other halfs hands were on us both, as were Gs. We explored each other. I touched her soaking wet cunt and lightening went though me. I I had to taste it. I told her and we got out and dragged towels onto a spare bed. We lay and kissed, introduced our selves and our fellas by first name and then dived into each other's bodies again. I vaguely heard the guys say that they were not needed for a bit as the girsl seemed to have forgotten about them, they sounded happy and I didn't worry about it. I told her straight away I'd never been with a girl before and she moved down my stomach to lick me. Oh my god - no words but wow amazing. I quickly built up to come again and this one just didn't let up, was it the fact I had just fulfilled a long time fantasy and it was so much better than I could have hoped or was it simply the sensations? Probably both and I don't care. She was a master and using her mouth and tongue kept me up there for ages. The guys were playing with my tits and G was fingering her. I had thought I would be weirded out if that happened (I know I shouldn't be possessive but I really didn't think I would want, or be able to share him). But it wasn't weird, it was horny. Her other half was licking my tits and touching me. My legs were being held up by my ears.

She came up and it was my turn . I had a look at her cunt, I inhaled her smell and my tongue sought out her juice, there was loads and i drank deep. Someone was fingering me, very well, then it turned into a mouth, also very good, it wasn't G. G had his cock in her mouth. I could have spent days there. I came she didn't quite. We kissed again, her and I and the guys had fingers and tongues all other each other then she looked at me and ordered me onto her face. G's face sank into her juices and he drank and licked her enthusiastically as she did the same to me. I could twist and see him, look down and see her lost inside me, feel her fellas hands on my body. I came like a comet, over and over again (I always have come loads, once I get started they can just roll and this night was a peak of desire I had not experienced before) and it poured down her throat and she grinned. I moved after a while and disappeared in to her chest whilst G finished her off with his magic fingers. She was amazing when she came, she shook and looked so happy. her bloke brought me close too as I watched her come by Gs hand. I kissed her deeply and stroked her face and neck. Then she went down on me again, I've been told a lot I taste sweet, I guess she thought the same. G had his big hard cock in my mouth and I sucked for england, I had loved the taste of her but his manliness was what I wanted right then. I was in heaven. My cunt was being licked by an angel, her other half was kissing and stroking my tits and his fingers had disappeared in her. G said he was going to come, i said if you want. But i wanted. I love spunk. I love his the best and he came in good splatters, in my mouth, down my neck and I felt it drip, the dripping is a good sensation. It tasted amazing and I came all over her face once more. She moved onto his lap and helped him wank himself close. I reached over and stroked his balls as they got tighter and tighter. He came and I got to watch it and stole a bit to eat. I really do love spunk.

Then we chatted and smiled and I just grinned as I watched everyone else fucking in the room and felt the beginnings of satisfaction. Then we swapped numbers and said goodbye and thank you.

Then we had a drink of wine, a glass of water and went back to the hot tub with a feeling we had opened a door that we would not be closing any time soon... I simply cannot think of anything else all day every day, or stop the idiotic grin on my face.