Written by Shirley

28 Jun 2013

As I had said I had let Derick seduces he was the only other man I had sleep with apart from my husband in twenty plus years, I was the real faithful wife up till then and what an eye opener what had I missed out on being a good little wife

The next morning I awoke really feeling guilty my head was so mixed up what had I done it was almost nine o'clock I lay there feeling sick as I thought about the night before my nipples where tender I felt my pussy it was puffy and moist I still had sperm leaking out

Christ I thought he cum inside me twice I rushed into the shower then dressed no make up drove into town to a chemist I was embarrassed asking for the morning after pill the girl was very nice that served me I guess it not unusual for them, I took it when I got home after reading it I had lots of time it was a very worrying time, I am now on the pill

I later changed the bed there was a stained patch where he had fucked me

I still had a guilty feeling, but as I reflected on the events I lost that feeling, I was thinking of my sexual experience it was quite limited really before I met my husband I had wanked a couple of boys off I would of been about fifteen then after that I did let a boyfriend fuck me he was more like a rabbit it was over in seconds it frightened me at the time, the next was my husband to be and his been the only one since well up to last night

The more I thought about Derick and the night before the guilty feeling wore off I started to make excuses to myself telling myself no harm had been done, the one thing I didn't say to myself was it be the one and only time, I knew it wouldn't be I had tasted the forbidden fruit

My only worry was going back to the golf club I wondered if any one would know that proved to be unfounded

I was thinking about Derick the way he seduced me he was a very experienced man god how erotic it was and how it turned me on, my husband could never do that he have no idea

I started to compare the two, I do love my husband and always will I think he must be over ten years older than Derick he has a tummy now thinking about him he not looked after him self that well, he lost most of his sex drive when I compare there privets Christ what a difference, I have always thought of my hubby as being normal average in size, but Christ after experiencing Derick's heel he must be getting on for twice the size maybe not in length so much a few inches longer but it was the girth he has got

it is really a fat one with my husband my finger go over each other but Derick's they almost meet round it not quite the head is wider than the shaft I felt every bit of him inside me thank god I was that worked up or I would of struggled a lot more to accommodate it , he touched places than had never been touched before

With my husband it is rear for me to climax but last night it wasn't jest once I cum maybe five times twice the first time and three the seconded, also my hubby never get really stiff any more he some times loses his erection and when he was younger he never lasted very long not long enough for me to climax most of the time

I didn't hear from Derick for a few days I was relived when I did I was having a heavy period from taken that pill it turned out he been on business I asked if he was married he didn't lie he said yes but it was not a problem I wondered what he meant by that

We arranged to meet the next week for a coffee I was wondering if it was a one off

When we did meet he came in a big smile a huge a kiss on cheek he was his charming self

He explained he had a lot on been very busy as well as doing things at home

We made arrangements for him to visit me the flowing weekend, my god I was like a school girl on her first date I had started to feel as randy as hell that day it was the first time I shaved my pubes I had bought some lingerie some thing I not bought in years I got dressed putting on sexy things made me even more horny

My excitement had reached new highs by the time Derick arrived he was his charming self it was me that moved on him a little surprised I think by that, he could sense I was gagging for it Derick changed his approach this time he was bit rougher with me he said things like get it out and suck it I did I found that a turn on he stopped me to get his trousers off and before he let me carry on he stripped me to underwear well all I was left with was my stockings he lay back I went back to given him oral I never guessed what he had in store for me I had got the hang of having his thing in my mouth I knew he was getting excited his dick was rock hard he panted a few time then his hands on my head he started to lift up he said don't stop he held my head he trusted a little so more went in my mouth I heard a loud OH OH YES he held me there saying swallow swallow his cock twitched there was spurt of hot sperm filling my mouth then another I had little chose but swallow or chock I did as another hit the back of my mouth to be followed by one more

he keep me no his cock it was then more dribbles when he jerked and there a few of them

Some had run out my mouth that was on my chin and some on his cock when he let me off it I was gasping for breath as I got my breath back he said clean me I licked his cock till there no spunk on it he keep saying good girl it was my first time as a cock sucker

Upstairs on my bed Derick went down on me my legs pushed up to my chest, my god he was eating me he love my extended prominent clitoris my husband when he do try to do that he leaves my clit alone but Derick had it right in his mouth sucking and licking it I am sure it grown longer than it normally do, he had two finger inside me Christ he found my G-spot I started to climax it was like I couldn't stand it any more but he wouldn't stop it got that intense I screamed

When he did stop he lifted up his cock looked rock hard again I still had my legs in the are as he trusted into me he forced him self into me in two thrusts he took me gently like he did before he fucked me so hard my tits where like to jellies on my chest I started to cum god did I he keep ramming me even harder the bed banged on the wall I had reached a point where I was orgasmic he fucked me for ages and ages before he let his load go in me he lay on top me panting we where like that a long time till his dick slipped out

We lay together for some time it was him that moved my hand down to my pussy and whipped play with your self for me I didn't really want to but I did as I was doing that he put the other pillow behind my head I was thinking he want me to watch but then he lifted one breast up to my face they are quite big and do sage now some how we managed to get the nipple in my mouth oh my god he got me finger myself and sucking my own tit he was on his knees saying oh yes I love that as he wanked his now stiffing cock don't stop he said

make your self cum I was near any way it didn't take much to get me over the top

He was now fully erect he rolled onto his back waving his dick say get on this I straddled his body I had to lift to impala myself on it he said ride me I didn't need asking twice I started to rock on it in no time I was bouncing up and down my tits swinging I was like a mad woman I made myself cum twice he was rubbing my clit for me

In the end I couldn't do it any more but Derick want to cum he got me on hands and knees and ripped into my pussy he fucked like an animal slapped my bum gripping my hips he pounded me he pulled my heir to keep me up he was about to shot he pulled me round pointing his cock in my face wanking it he shouted open your mouth a jet of spunk went over my face some in my mouth the next did the same the third he got his cock in my mouth

I sucked for all I worth god if was sex I wanted more of it I had a little climax when he cum

It was late we had a shower together he got dressed as he kissed me goodbye he said I told the wife I not be to late oh by the way she told me to say hello that shocked me I was stunned he was gone before I could ask who she was do I know her