1 May 2019

Well things are going well at the new job. And I seem to have set a level again ?.

New office and company only had five guys working in it.

After a few months settling in and getting up to speed and showing I can do the job. Dave and I agreed see what they are like. The banter had been really good and they are a bit dirty minded. (Builders for you)

So the other day I chose a dress and no knickers as it was warm. Happily going about my day. Flirting with the hubby on messages.

Afternoon comes round and Steven my new boss. Calls me over to so he can go through some accounts bits. As we’re talking, I knock a pencil sharpener on the floor by accident. Not even thinking I squat down in front of him to pick it up. Basically flashing my open pussy to him. I know he saw as well. Caught him looking. Nothing was said.

But as the days have gone on he’s made comments about people going commando ?. And finally this morning. Being the first one so I thought. I went making a cup of tea in the canteen on the way to the office. But had to get the tea bags out the cupboard. While just wearing a really short skirt. I bent over rather than squat which uncover my bare butt and my pussy. Just as I was about to stand up. I could see Steve stood at the door way. Looking straight at my back side ?. I quickly dropped down and pulled my skirt down. To which he said “don’t worry” and winked ? at me ?. Think this place is going to be just fine. ? xxx

Tags: adventure