20 Apr 2016

Val joined us downstairs where the girls enjoyed a drink before we left for the school do . I was informed that they were going to Thornbury Castle earlier that day, so I was able to dress smarter than normal as I had decided to await their return and would have a drink in the bar until they were done . The plan according to Val was that they would make an appearance then escape as soon as possible so we could go home to play ,you know what they say about the best laid plans !!

I hung around outside for 10 minutes or so until the guests appeared to have all arrived then slipped into a corner seat in the bar deciding that coffee would sadly be the drink of choice due to my chauffer duties. During the next hour the odd partygoer came into the bar for a quiet drink and lord there were some rare sights and not all good ones ,however I was now watching a very attractive lady ordering her drink ,she was I guess in her mid to late fifties but very attractive ,blond with a good figure and had missed the tarts brief for her dress sense . I think the long black dress was definitely designer ,and showed her bust and backside to the very best effect and I have to admit to staring and was caught out as to my surprise she joined me "is it ok to sit with you?" I replied that it was and pulled the chair out for her . When she settled herself I was amazed to find she was the organiser ,a school governor and more importantly Val's mother ,she was absolutely a charmer and the next hour flew by "I'll have to go back inside but I really hope I see you when I visit Val next ," a quick kiss and she was gone . After around 1 1/2 hours Steph joined me for a drink then said we would meet Val at the car , we sat in the front of the car and in no time she had lowered the zip on my flies and was ensuring I was stiff as a pole ,before leaning across and sucking the knob into her warm mouth ,then expertly getting me gasping in pleasure ,"if you're not careful I'll be embarrassing myself ,why don't we wait until we get to bed " she completely ignored me and within seconds I was gushing down her throat ,she never gagged just swallowed the fucking lot ,definitely looking good for later on !! I could see Val approaching in the light of the headlamps and I quickly went to assist her ,no question she was pissed ,as soon as I got her onto the back seat she was asleep , I put on my belt and we were off ,we arrived at the cottage around 20 minutes later I carried Val into the lounge and left them both on the sofa as I went to make coffee .

I told Steph to go up to the bedroom as I took care of Val , finding a blanket to cover her before joining Steph who was spread across the bed bollock naked , she never blinked as I slowly removed my clothing then pushing her onto her back attacked her with my tongue , and how she loved oral, writhing in minutes and I soon felt the wetness flood her pussy . As soon as I felt her coming I pulled her onto her knees and slid the full length inside her , her head rocked from side to side as I fucked her hard ,her second orgasm came then subsided and still we fucked ,my hands gripped her waist her ample breasts swinging as the pace increased ,her groans got louder as my balls slapped hard against her backside ,"fuck don't stop fill me up fucking hell I love this ,she was right you're a fucking animal ," and then she shuddered again finally bringing me with her . I pushed deep into her as my juice leeched away ,she was sobbing in pleasure ever movement from her body brought more spunk from my balls ,"I hope you're on the pill , that lot went so deep " she just slipped from me sliding onto her front on the bed then turned onto her back lifting her knees ,eyes closed still enjoying the intense pleasure ....