Written by City gentleman

6 Sep 2011

My usual preference is to have married or sometimes engaged women as I am in a relationship myself and prefer not to get tied into another full-blown affair. However, this recent encounter has been with a much younger girl.

One of my staff has recently recruited a new receptionist. Lets call her Karen. I was on our summer holidays whilst the recruitment took place and having delegated junior staff hiring I did not meet her until a few days after she had started work. By this time references were still being taken up and it was brought to my attention that her most recent employer had dismissed her during her probation period for unprofessional behaviour – essentially allowing herself to be distracted by client staff during working hours. Unfortunately in her CV and interview Karen had said she was merely a short term contract employee and that her contract had simply run out. Karen is 20 so this was a credible story for young temporary staff. Rather a risky reference to give though.

Generally our business policy is to dismiss staff who have lied about their CV. Accordingly Karen had a short “chat” with me at the end of the day and we discussed the disparity between her reference and CV, culminating in me saying that we would have to terminate her employment.

Karen was surprisingly calm about it. She said she would struggle to get another job and would have benefits problems if she were dismissed again. She accepted that she had misled us but explained mitigating circumstances and asked if there was anything she could do to redeem herself.

To be honest I was a bit annoyed because the business had turned away other candidates in favour of Karen and it is inconvenient when this kind of thing happens. So I said, in a fairly tetchy way, “It’s not so long ago that you would have been put over the boss’s knee and given a good spanking for behaving like this!”

Her response was unexpected. It was simply “OK”.

I looked at her for a moment and said “Unfortunately employers can’t do that these days.” She said softly, looking down “I would rather you spank me than sack me”.

In a classic story she would have been over my knee shortly afterwards. However, in real life I needed to get home and I said “I’m staying in London on Thursday evening. You can come with me to my hotel and we will discuss it there in private”. It gave us both a get out.

Two days later Karen met me in the bar at the nearby Hotel. I was slightly surprised that she came actually. It’s a typical City business hotel in the financial district – smart, not overly ostentations. Unassuming.

Karen is a small girl. Slender and petite – probably a size 6 or 8 and around 5 ft tall. Not plain but not glamorous either. Shoulder length dark blonde hair. Nice legs and rather small breasts. She reminded me of a typical daughter of the “woman next door”.

I was drinking a gin and tonic and she asked for a vodka and lime. I ordered her a large one, which she gulped down somewhat nervously. The barman replaced it. She had turned into a chatterbox and was gabbling away, somewhat irritatingly to be honest. I didn’t say much and eventually she ran out of steam and said “Are you really going to spank me?”

I gazed at her for a moment and watched her blush. “In a few minutes I’m going to take you upstairs to my room, take your knickers off, put you across my lap and spank your bare bottom until its red hot and you are squealing”. I said it in a very matter of fact way. She didn’t reply. A few minutes later I asked the barman for my tab and said “It’s time now Karen”.

She was silent in the lift up to the 4th floor. I let us into my room and hung up my jacket. Sitting on the end of the bed I said, “come here”. She stood in front of me. “Lift your skirt”. She edged it up, blushing furiously. This is one of my favourite moments, when a woman is made to reveal herself. She was wearing tights and white cotton knickers beneath them. I dislike tights – so unerotic. So I made her remove her tights and stand up again. Then I took her knickers down. She looked straight ahead as I did this, her face bright red. She has a light brown bush, quite neatly trimmed, and a small tattoo of a bird above it, to one side. The female scent was unmistakable.

I put her across my lap and caressed her bare bottom momentarily. She felt tiny, almost weightless. “Will it hurt?” she said. “Yes”.

My hand started to splat down onto her rather delicate and pert rear. Every slap leaving a handprint, white at first and then flushing red. I was not spanking her hard – I aimed to enjoy it and so was in no hurry to have her yelling. Light spanks for a couple of minutes soon produced a rosy glow and as I started to spank her harder, she started to wriggle and gasp. A minute or so later and she was being quite vocal and starting to kick her legs. I had to restrain her with my left hand and having done that said “now you’re warmed up, this is where your punishment starts” “Oh my God” she gasped as my hand cracked down harder. Six good hard smacks on each cheek, each one making the young woman jerk on my lap. She cannot have failed to notice the rigid tent in my trousers poking into her belly.

She made to stand up. “It isn’t over yet Karen”. She lay back down, quite submissively. “Is your pussy wet?”

I could smell it and when she had been kicking her legs around she had given me an excellent view of what she had to offer, so I knew the answer. “Yes”. “Spread your legs.” She did so and I cupped her cunt. A couple of fingers slipped into her easily. “When did you last have a cock in you Karen?” “Two months ago before I split up with my boyfriend”. I slid my fingers in and out of her, letting them spread the wetness over her clit. My left hand slipped beneath her and cupped her small left breast. The nipple was hard. My cock was throbbing.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she said.

“I want you to strip naked and get back across my knee. I haven’t finished spanking you yet”. She undressed delicately. Not looking at me, and covered her breasts with her arm as they came into view. She draped herself across my lap again and lay docilely, legs spread a little, waiting. I slipped my fingers back into her pussy and gently finger fucked her, my fingers flicking wetly across her hard clitty as she trembled on my lap. Her orgasm came suddenly and took me by surprise – her too perhaps, and as soon as she started to buck on my lap, her pleasure engulfing her, I started spanking her again. Really hard. She looked back at me, her grey-blue eyes wide open and her mouth open too, gulping in air. Maybe a dozen or so good hard smacks. Her arse felt red hot and was bouncing deliciously. My hand was stinging so I knew her bottom must be too.

“Lay on the bed and spread your legs.” She complied. “Spread them wider”. She watched as I unbuttoned my shirt, and slipped out of my trousers and briefs, her eyes flickering between my face and my cock. I stroked my prick a few times, checking it was rigid, though in truth there was no doubt. I knelt on the bed and pressed my cock head against her soaking wet, pink little pussy. I slid it straight up her, balls deep in one stroke. Exquisite. Resting inside her I said, “do I need a condom to stop my receptionist getting pregnant?” She shook her head.

I am in my late forties and it is a long time since I last had a girl of 20. I thoroughly enjoyed her. She fucked really well and stayed the night, spreading her legs for me several times, including the next morning. She sucked greedily too.

It was really unusual fucking such a small young woman. I am over 6 tall and quite broad, so she felt so delicate beneath me, absorbing the thrusts as I fucked her. Despite the height difference our mouths locked together surprisingly well – kissing always turns me on - and as she sucked on my tongue she dug her sharp little nails into my back and literally milked the sperm out of me.

A week has passed and she is still here and beginning to fit in well. It is just before 9 am as I write this and in a few minutes she will be sitting at reception outside my office. I have no idea whether we will repeat our encounter, but I expect we will. I have a feeling she expects we will too. Perhaps I will show her this note of what we did.

In case you are wondering, this was not a case of pressuring the girl. She was a willing participant in fact and enjoyed her experience. Sometimes one gets a sense that a woman wants something – and this was one of those occasions. Over the years some of my very best experiences have been with office girls and contrary to popular folklore I have never found it to be an issue. Quite often the woman subtly takes the lead and looking back on it over the past few days I think Karen knew exactly what she was doing.