Written by Laura May

10 Apr 2019

Hi guys, so today I was feeling a little naughty.. I went in town for a drink and a nice walk. I was wearing black lacey knickers with grey leggings black bra and a black top with a cream jacket and black socks with my vans.... I went to walk in town and felt abit horny as I was walking I forgot about it then I had a drink sat in sailors pub and went for a wee and noticed I had wet through my knickers there was a tiny wet patch on my leggings my black lacey knickers was soaked so I went back quickly finished my drink and walked along the beach it was so hot I took my jacket off then my shoes I was laying their on the sand with my feet digging in the sand and slowly put my hand on my pussy over my leggings. I was playing with my clit my leggings was soaked to the point it looked like I peed so I had to take them off just keeping my knickers on that was soaked I walked along the beach with my knickers on it was so exciting that no one had a clue. I Found a cave a stood up drooped my knickers and made myself orgasm so good with my knickers around my feet I pulled them up and put my leggings on just in time before a couple walked around I was so red faced xx