Written by manicmechanic31

18 May 2014

Well when I woke this morning the day wasn't planned to be like it was,I drew back the bedroom curtains to see the new neighbour cleaning her car in only a little white t shirt and little denim shorts and thought god if only....... so the challenge was set, I went downstairs in only shorts and a polo shirt and offered to help, she started on the wheels as I did the roof and as she bent over I got a great view of her leopard print thong over the top of her shorts... god it made me hard... I wanted her but doubted it would ever happen, the matching strapless bra was visible through her top, once the car wash washed she started on the garden leaving me to polish the car for her only coming back now and again bringing me a cold drink,once the car was finished she invited me in for another drink and as we sat on the sofa she asked what she owed me for making her car sparkle..... My eyes lit up and I giggled as I said wanted her and that I loved her Leopard print thong and that I wanted to see her in just that, she blushed and said 'well the car is sparkling better than the day I bought it so I guess I owe you that' to which she promptly lifted her top and exposed the gorgeous bra and flat tanned stomach, she then looked straight at me and said 'if my tops coming off so is yours' I didn't need telling twice and off my top came.. I stood behind her and kissed her neck and that was it, my hand went to her breast through her bra and the other hand headed for her shorts, slipping inside the front of them easily, as it did the button popped open and as my hand pushed in further the zip dropped too allowing easier access, feeling her through her thong she whimpered and said 'I thought you wanted to see my thong not feel it' I replied with 'I want both' she spun round and took my hand and said 'not here though... upstairs' and she led me up the stairs to the main bedroom, fresh white sheets on the bed, and that was it she sat me on the bed and promptly slipped off her shorts exposing the gorgeous little leopard print thong that I could see only just covered her smooth pussy, I reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the bed next to me and as we kissed I unhooked her bra and let it fall free leaving her breasts and hard nipples on show to me... we kissed again and as we did I laid her back and ran my hand over her thong and mound, again she whimpered and as I asked what was wrong she said 'nothing but I wasn't expecting this today' with which we kissed again and I slipped my fingers into her thong, that was it..... her thighs parted and my fingers found her slit parting slightly and wet in anticipation, I fingered her gently as she slipped her hand inside my shorts feeling my throbbing hard cock... as she fumbled to pull my shorts down I sat up and parted her thighs further, her pussy still encased in the thong, as my shorts dropped to the floor and she took hold of my cock I pulled her thong aside letting me see her glistening smooth wet pussy and I clambered between her now spreading wide thighs she pulled at my cock as I pushed the thong further aside and slowly pushed my cock into her... oh god it felt great.... fucking her for the next hour or so and feeling her cum over my cock as I came inside her.... when we had finished we cuddled on the bed, her thong still pulled aside and her cum and mine dripping from her onto the clean white bedding, all I heard her say was 'well I hope you like my thong better now??' my reply was yeah it will be better when you don't have it on next time I do your car..... and her reply was 'well if you want me again you wont need to do the car, just come over.....' we will see what tonight brings when she comes over to see me........ await the next story....